The ugly scenes at the stands are marred by violence from away supporters who attack police and attempt to segregate, throwing missiles, during Leicester’s Europa League victory over Legia Warsaw

  • Some Legia Warsaw supporters set off flares, and tried to attack police officers 
  • For the most part, police wearing riot gear needed to be brought in for reinforcements at times of violence 
  • Some fans were able to get through the barricades, as evidenced by photos  

Crowd trouble marred Leicester’s Europa League victory over Legia Warsaw leaving both clubs facing possible action from UEFA.

Midway through the second half of Leicester’s 3-1 win, supporters housed in the away end attempted to reach Leicester supporters by storming through the lines of security that separated them.

After an intense battle of the supporters and the forces for about 10 minutes, several dozen policemen dressed in riot gear managed push back the Legia supporters.

Fans of Legia Warsaw caused problems during Thursday’s Leicester match.

Warsaw fans broke through the barricades and started attacking the police

Warsaw supporters broke through the bars and began attacking police officers 

The riot police had their work cut out against thugs trying to break the barriers

The police were faced with thugs who tried to break through the barrier. 

After setting off many red flares, the travelling fans created smoke in the night sky. 

They tried to get to the police by climbing over blockages. There were also reports that missiles had been thrown. 

Leicester were fined £17,000 earlier this season after incidents between rival fans during their 2-2 draw with Napoli in September.

Reinforcements had to be called and riot police were able to subdue to aggressive fans

It was necessary to summon reinforcements, and the riot police were then able to control aggressive fans 

Smoke filled the night air as a number of red flares were set off in the away end

The night was filled with smoke as several red flares were raised in the distance end. 

Leicester won their fifth match in a row on the pitch. Wilfred Ndidi, Wilfred Ndidi, and Patson Daka scored first-half goals that put them at the top of the group. 

Filip Mladenovic answered Legia’s call after Kasper Schmeichel saved Mahir Emreli from a penalty. Leicester was now 2-0 ahead.

Draw at Napoli next month is enough to secure your place in the knockout rounds. However, staying in first place will guarantee you an automatic bye to round 16.

This fan was pictured attempting to land a punch on a policeman during the clashes

The fan tried to punch a cop during clashes.