A lesbian businesswoman has blasted transgender rights activists for trying to ‘intimidate’ her by sending her ‘death and rape threats on a daily basis’.

Angela Wild, 44, who lives in Wales, started her own business in September 2017 designing slogan-printed t-shirts and badges, which campaign for women’s sex-based rights.

Her products were sold on Etsy, but she had to stop selling them after being attacked by hateful trans rights activists. They sent threats and then reported her item.

The mother-of-1 set up her website in January but three other suppliers refused to work for her. She was forced to contact the police several times to report the “frightening” abuses she has received online.

Angela Wild, 44, (pictured) who lives in Wales, creates feminist slogan t-shirts and badges that have been seen on harry Potter author J K Rowling

Angela Wild (44), a Welsh woman who creates feminist slogan T-shirts and badges, which have been worn by J K Rowling, author of Harry Potter.

A t-shirt sold by Wild Womyn Workshop

One of the slogan badges on Wild Womyn Workshop

The single mother-of-one started her own business in September 2017 making slogan-printed products campaigning for women’s sex-based rights

She has blasted trans activists for trying to 'intimidate' her by sending her daily death and rape threats. Pictured: A threat she has received via Facebook

She has blasted trans activists for trying to ‘intimidate’ her by sending her daily death and rape threats. Image: The threat that she received via Facebook

Angela, speaking exclusively to MailOnline, said: “The last five years of mine have been hell.

“I have been targeted relentlessly by trans rights activists, and their witchhunt campaign for instilling fear in anyone who disagrees with them.

“I was labeled as a terf” – transexclusionary radical feminist, transphobic bigot and hateful, and a Nazi over social media. Some of my personal information were published online.

“Meanwhile, my products are based upon my personal views. The idea that any woman can have one is absurd. Simple biology dictates that women have the cervix. We can’t say it. It is ridiculous.

“What trans activists have told me firsthand has been frightening and infuriating. This should not be allowed.

It is unacceptable that anyone should suffer the kind of abuse I experience and others receive every day. It is absolutely unacceptable and wrong.

“Transgender activists want to suppress free speech by trying to tear down anyone who wishes to voice gender-critical views. It is unacceptable!”

The single mother-of-one (above) has been labeled a 'terf' - a trans exclusionary radical feminist - a transphobic bigot, hateful, a Nazi, over social media and had her personal details published online

One mother-of-1 (above) was called a terf – a transexclusionary radical feminist – a transphobic bigot and hateful, a Nazi – over social media. She had her details made public online

Abusive messages Angela has received on Facebook

Abusive messages Angela has received on Facebook

Angela is subject to hateful messages from transgender activists via social media every day (pictured). Angela has had to call the police multiple times in concern for her safety.

Angela, originally from France has a range of products she sells through Wild Womyn Workshop. Some include badges with the following messages: ‘Trans men are men’; ‘Protect woman-only spaces’; and ‘Female Biology is not bigotry.   

She started her business in September 2017 but was instantly met with abuse and opposition from trans activists who labelled her a ‘worthless b***h’.

“I had been in an abusive relationship for many years with a man,” she said. My mental health was very poor and I ended up leaving the relationship. I felt that it would be difficult to find something that represented my beliefs.

“I started an Etsy store in 2017, but many of my products began to be reported after only a few months. This continued for many years, until it finally stopped in 2019 when I was alerted. 

“Messages from trans activists threatening me via social media became the standard, but they got worse over time. This became quite frightening, and I needed to contact police. 

After feeling guilty about having to justify myself constantly, I created my own website. It is my passion!

The mother of one, a single mom, is the founder of the lesbian feminist group Get The L Out. J K Rowling bought a T-shirt that featured the slogan “This witch doesn’t burn” under a pseudonym last summer. 

After mocking an article online in June 2020 that used the phrase “people who menstruate” instead of “women”, 56-year-old author was accused of transphobia. 

Angela shot to prominence when J K Rowling purchased a t-shirt with the slogan 'This witch doesn't burn' under a pseudonym last year and tweeted about it (pictured)

Angela shot to prominence when J K Rowling purchased a t-shirt with the slogan ‘This witch doesn’t burn’ under a pseudonym last year and tweeted about it (pictured)

Angela said: “I am fortunate to have always had consistent sales. However, they shot through the roof after J K Rowling sent a tweet in which he was wearing one my teshirts. This was amazing! 

“I support her and have become a big fan. It was the perfect boost that I needed. Thank you so much. 

However, the abuse has gotten worse and I once received a bomb threat against my studio. Then came rape threats and death threats from their multitudes.

“Three suppliers rejected me, one said my products incited hatred. Also, I have been contacted by people trying to place orders.

“Trans women are more feminine than you,” wrote one person to me via Facebook. It looks like you have a lot of fire in your eyes.

“My activism, products and work seem to emphasize the conflict of interests between women’s and trans rights activists. My right to free speech has been taken from me because I have gender-critical views.

“My opinions don’t cause harm to anyone.” We live in a democracy. Trans rights activists want to make trans people feel like they are nothing. 

Angela has said her activism and feminist products seem to highlight the 'conflict of interest between women's rights and trans rights activists'

Angela has said her activism and feminist products seem to highlight the ‘conflict of interest between women’s rights and trans rights activists’

“The more harassing we get, the more we’ll stand up for justice and fight back. Women who are critical of gender ideology are routinely accused of being on the “wrong side of history” but enough is enough. It is time to speak up for lesbians.

Angela opened up about how trans lobby group Stonewall, which is paid millions of pounds for advising public bodies – including Government departments, police forces and universities – has branded lesbians ‘sexual racists’ for raising concerns about being pressured into having sex with transgender women.  

She explained that while there are huge pressures within LGBT+ groups to admit trans women as partners, there must be an alternative voice. Trans women, in my view, are not men. They don’t have cervixes, and they don’t menstruate. This is just biology. This is a fact. To say otherwise would be absurd.

“Lesbians” are females who only feel attracted to women. Organisations such as Stonewall or the LGBT community call us transphobics and hateful for not conforming to their ideology of trans women. 

“I believe that nobody can alter sex. You can be who you like, but you don’t have to. Lesbians and bisexuals are often targeted. It’s unacceptable. I know of many people who were harassed.  

“At the end, we live within a democracy that values free speech. Stonewall and Trans activists are heard, but what about those like me?

“You cannot shut us all up. You cannot shut us up.

The Wild Womyn Workshop is open to the public.