A 43-year-old lesbian has claimed she’s seen first-hand people who identify as trans women ‘bully’ and coerce ‘naïve and vulnerable’ lesbian girls as young as 14-years-old into a relationship.

Lucy Masoud, an ex-firefighter turned barrister, from London, made the comments following claims that lesbians have faced accusations of transphobia and threats of violence if they admit they are not attracted to trans women, which were highlighted in a report by the BBC.

She stated that she finds it’really dangerous’ and a rapey to not sleep with biological men.   

A survey by Get the L Out found that more than half of the 80 transgender women who responded to the survey said they were pressured or coerced into accepting a transgender woman as a partner in sexual affairs.

66% said they felt intimidated or threatened by LGBT groups.  

‘What I’m seeing in clubs are young lesbians, who are a bit naïve, essentially being bullied into having relationship with people who describe themselves as women, who clearly aren’t women,’ explained Lucy, speaking exclusively to FEMAIL. They are accused of being transphobic or bigots if they refuse to say no or say they don’t want to be involved in that particular topic. 

Lucy Masoud (pictured), an ex firefighter turned barrister, 43, from London, has spoken out following claims that lesbians have faced accusations of transphobia and threats of violence if they admit they are not attracted to trans women.

Lucy Masoud (pictured), 43-year-old ex-firefighter and now barrister from London, has spoken out in response to claims that lesbians have been threatened with violence if they admit that they are not attracted by trans women.

Lucy (pictured) claimed she's seen first-hand people who identify as trans women 'essentially bully' vulnerable lesbian girls as young as 14-years-old in clubs and bars into dating them

Lucy (pictured) claimed that she’s witnessed firsthand trans women bully vulnerable lesbian girls as young a 14-year-old in bars and clubs into dating them

Lucy stated that Lucy was referring to the survey and that she believes it is. She also said that she has noticed this phenomenon personally over the past six years.

‘You’re getting trans women who haven’t been through any kind of medical transition, who haven’t even attempted to change their appearances, who claim to be trans, or non-binary or gender fluid, who are self-identifying as lesbians.

“You can self identify as you wish, it does not have an impact on my life. The problem comes when lesbians are forced to accept these lesbians into their dating circles and accept their self-identification as lesbians.

“My experience with the gay scene is that there’s a lot of young lesbians, some very fragile at 14, 15, or 16 years old, who are clearly not attracted to biological males – hence they are lesbians – and are being coerced into committing to dating trans women.

Lucy continued: ‘I’m a 43-year-old woman and can tell someone to f*** off, whereas young lesbians, who are just coming out of the closest and want to be a part of the community – the gay community which has become the queer community – which is dominated by straight men…it’s those people I really worry for. 

“It’s those who are being coerced to have sex. Just like the article says.

Lucy (pictured) said she finds it 'really sinister' and 'rapey' that if she doesn't sleep with people who are biological men, she's somehow labelled a 'bigot' or a 'transphobe'

Lucy (pictured), stated that she finds the fact that she cannot sleep with biological men is’really sinister and ‘rapey’.

Lucy discussed more of her personal experiences. She mentioned how Hinge banned Lucy after she said that she only wanted to be friends with ‘biologically male’ people.

She created her profile to search for ‘women who are looking for women’ and found that every third match was a trans-woman.

Lucy altered her profile to read: ‘All I ask is that you be on time, don’t moan about me getting overly involved in Love Island and that you’re a biological female.’

After declaring her preference, she was then permanently banned from the app for ‘transphobia’.  

She stated that it was evident that many people had complained about her profile, claiming she was transphobic. “You must remember that 2020 is a year away. Since I was 16 years old, I’d been away from my closest friends. I was 16 when I realized I was a lesbian, same-sex attracted, and could happily admit that I slept with only women.

“Now, I can’t tell that and if that happens, I’m accused as a bigot or a transphobe. This just seems crazy to my 43-year-old self. I feel less secure now to say that I’m same-sex attracted to women than I was 16 years ago. 

Lucy said she finds it 'really worrying and really sinister' when you have people like Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar - one is straight and one is a man - telling her, a black lesbian, who she should sleep with (pictured)

Lucy stated that she finds it’really troubling and really sinister’ to have people like Owen Jones or Ash Sarkar – one straight and one male – telling Lucy, a black lesbian, who she should be sleeping with (pictured).

Lucy continued: ‘If you’re an “out” lesbian who will sleep with a biological man, then you’re not a lesbian, you’re bisexual – and that’s fine. But there are people, like myself, who are same-sex attracted, who don’t sleep with people who have a penis.

“That doesn’t mean we are bigots, it doesn’t mean that we are transphobic, but it does make us lesbians – same sexual attracted. 

Lucy said that she finds it’really troubling and really sinister’ to have journalists Owen Jones or Ash Sarkar, one straight and one male – telling Lucy, a black lesbian, with whom she should sleep.  

Ash wrote: “Nobody should be forced to have sex with anyone, for any reason,” in reference to the survey.

“I wouldn’t want someone to feel they needed to have sex because of social pressure, but I think it’d be fair to question whether racism plays any part in telling every 5mins that they won’t sleep with a woman from a different race.

Owen Jones responded to Ash’s comment. He wrote: ‘It is beyond belief that BBC published such unbelievably appalling Journalism, based upon no reliable data or the testimony of anti-trans activists. You would expect to find this kind of conspiratorial hatred in the darkest recesses on the internet, but not on the BBC.  

Lucy (pictured) branded the wide-spread criticism the survey has received as 'nonsense'

Lucy (pictured), called the wide-spread criticisms that the survey has been receiving as ‘nonsense.

Lucy explained that Lucy finds it’really sinister that if Lucy doesn’t sleep alongside biological men, she’s somehow considered a ‘transphobe’.   

“They should take a step back, and say, “right. A bit chunk of these people have said that this is happening, and are basically saying that they’re being forced into having sex and with people they don’t want to – which would be rape. What should we do? And how can we protect them? She spoke up.

“But they are not doing that – they’re too concerned to throw the word transphobe around. 

Lucy recalled a memorable experience she had in a bar three years ago. Trans woman was inappropriately touching her own sexually. 

Lucy claimed that staff wouldn’t do anything about the matter after it was brought up with them.If it was a man/woman who was acting this way, you would throw them away. Why is it okay for a trans woman to do this just because they are trans?

“Why is it OK that a lesbian who wants to use a space for lesbians only, for many different reasons, has to share that space also with biological men?

She said, “It’s not anti-trans at any time.” Many of my trans friends are in agreement with me. Trans people should be respected and protected in society. They should have the same rights and rights as us – and I would march in support of that.

“But, a biological man cannot be a lesbian, and I have absolute the right to not include biological men in mine dating circle. I also have the absolute right not to say that I would never date trans women because I wouldn’t. 

“That doesn’t make me transphobic, that doesn’t make it a bigot or make me a lesbian.