Chloe Shotton began seeing the married man in 2019

Chloe Shotton first began dating the husband man in 2019.

A woman who started a fire at the house of her ex-partner’s wife while three other people slept in it, because she was taking her time to sign divorce papers, has been sentenced.

Chloe Shotton, 23, started seeing the married man in 2019, sparking the breakdown of his 22-year marriage.

She posted a flaming plastic bag through the door of the house in North Shields, North Tyneside, in the early hours of July 31 this year while the wife Leanne Stildolph was inside with her 17-year-old son, as well as her friend and her daughter. 

The fire, which had not spread beyond the porch, was put out before the emergency services arrived but caused damage to the value of £1,000. Shotton said to Shotton when she was taken into custody: “What happened to the house? Did it burn down? Do people perish?” 

Newcastle Crown Court heard that the motive behind the attack was because the victim was taking her time in signing the divorce papers.

Shotton, according to court records, was believed to have targeted the wife by causing damage and accidents to cars and windows. However this wasn’t proven.

Shotton from Backworth in North Tyneside pleaded guilty arson and recklessness to whether his life was at risk.  

Tony Hawks, Mr Recorder sentenced her to three and a half years in prison. He also said that the consequences could have been much worse. 

A victim impact statement was filed by Mrs Stildolph stating that her husband and she had split after he infidelity with Hotton and the subsequent birth of their child. 

Chloe Shotton captured on CCTV setting fire to the property

The door after the fire

When the fire broke out on July 31, the mum was there in North Shields with her son, 17, and friend, as well as her daughter, her 16-year-old daughter, and their 17-year old daughters. Pictured left: Chloe Shotton captured on CCTV setting fire to the property. Right: The fire exited the property.

She stated that she received photos of Shotton, her ex-husband, and video of Shotton kissing in bed. 

According to the court, she was previously convicted for 39 of 109 offenses. She also received a suspended sentence for battery during the fire.

Last July, she was also convicted for battery on Mr Stildolph’s estranged spouse. This resulted in a suspension of her sentence. In a pub, she flipped over a table and began throwing glasses at him. 

Kevin Wardlaw, Prosecutor of the case said that Wardlaw had reported the wife being ‘woken up at 4:55am from her fire alarm.’ He also added that she saw smoke coming down the stairs and smelled of burning.

The fire had been put out by the time emergency workers arrived. It was clear that the porch had been damaged by smoke, and that it did not spread further.

“The suspect was arrested for other alleged offenses and while she was in police custody, she stated that “What happened to this house?” Was it destroyed? Was it destroyed? ‘

Wardlaw stated to the court that he had seen the defendant posting a letter through a mailbox after he checked security cameras. The letter was ignited with a lighter.

A victim impact statement was signed by the victim. She stated she planned to relocate her home in the immediate future because of arson. 

She stated that she (Shotton), was the current wife of her estranged husband for 22 years. Since 2019, I’ve reported several incidents against Chloe.

“In relation to the incident, I’ve lived in a semi-detached three-bedroom house on quiet streets for 16 years. It has had an adverse effect not only on the affected household members but also older neighbours.

Shotton, of Backworth, North Tyneside, pleaded guilty to arson being reckless to whether life was endangered

Shotton of Backworth in North Tyneside pleaded guilty arson and recklessness to whether his life was at risk

The motive for the attack could have been that the victim took too long to sign the divorce papers.

Shotton received his sentencing sentence. The judge stated to Shotton that he was 23 years old and Shotton is still young. This is an unacceptable record.

‘Fortunately for you both and the occupants of this building, there was a smoke alarm.

“And, so aside from obvious distress and damage to the home, nobody was actually hurt.”

“That was not due to your behavior. You were able to plead guilty, and now I am certain you regret everything you did.

Geoff Knowles, an aggravating party, stated to the court that Shotton looked a “very different woman” to the one who had committed the offence.

He added: ‘Unfortunately it’s clear the trigger for a lot of her behaviour is the difficulties she had as a child growing up.’

Shotton, who was emotional after hearing her fate, said that she regretted interrupting her and knew you had already spoken a sentence.

“The reason that I have such a great record is because of my obsession with police. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 19 with autism.

“I was unaware that I had always desired attention from them, but I learned my lesson.”