After they attacked his wife outside of his house, infamous gangster ‘Mr Big’ won the legal battle to keep his French bulldogs safe from execution row.

John Gizzi was a convicted cocaine dealer and Roxy owned Kilo. Roxy and Roxy launched themselves at Zoe Carroll, who was walking past St Asaph in North Wales. 

Ms. Carroll was bitten in the ankle and hand by the dog during the incident. Police sent nine officers with guns to assist her.

The May attack by the dogs had already been reported to a judge who ordered the immediate surrender of the three-year-old and one year old puppies.

The destruction order was appealed by Mr Gizzi who collected over 20,000 signatures calling on the French bulldogs’ rescue.

The appeal was granted by the 50-year old, and a judge ruled that the animals should be muzzled rather than trained.

A notorious 'Mr Big' ex-gangster, John Gizzi (pictured), has won a legal battle to save his two French Bulldogs from death row - after they attacked a woman outside his home

John Gizzi, a notorious ex-gangster and infamous ‘Mr Big,’ has been able to win a court battle to keep his French Bulldogs safe from execution row. He did this after the dogs attacked a woman in front of his house.

Roxy (pictured) and Kilo, owned by convicted cocaine trafficker John Gizzi, launched themselves at 'terrified' Zoe Carroll as she walked past the property in St Asaph, North Wales

Ms Carroll suffered went to hospital for treatment after being bitten on the hand and ankle during the incident - which resulted in police sending nine armed officers to take the dogs (pictured here: Kilo) away.

Roxy (pictured above) and Kilo (pictured below), both owned by John Gizzi, a former cocaine dealer, launched themselves at Zoe Carroll while she was walking past St Asaph in North Wales.

As Ms. Carroll was passing Gizzi’s St Asaph home, the attack occurred.

After being bit on her ankle and hand by Gizzi’s dogs, she was taken to the hospital.

While one of the dogs was jumping up, the dog began to bit her ankle.

She fled to escape the court and was taken to the hospital. The court heard that she fled and went to hospital for treatment. She suffered severe trauma.

The attack happened outside Gizzi's home in St Asaph, North Wales, as Ms Carroll was walking past in May. She went to hospital for treatment after being bitten on the hand and ankle near Gizzi's home by the dogs.

As Ms. Carroll was passing Gizzi’s St Asaph home, North Wales in May, the attack occurred. Following being attacked by Gizzi’s dogs near her home, Ms. Carroll was admitted to hospital.

Gizzi was charged with being responsible for a dangerously uncontrolled dog that caused injury. 

Rhyl’s Mr Big, also known as Mr Gizzi, became outraged after a judge in District Court ordered the killing of both dogs as part of his sentence. The animals were considered dangerous to the public.

He tried to save his dogs lives in court, and also criticised police for sending nine armed police officers “to take a puppy”.

After more than 22,000 people supporting his cause, Mr Gizzi was granted permission to appeal at Mold Crown Court.

Simon Killeen was Mr Gizzi’s barrister and he called Paul Moroney animal behaviorist so that he could show how dogs can safely be trained.

Killeen asked, “Is your opinion that these dogs could be trained to present in a manner that is not dangerous for the public?”

Moroney declared: “Absolutely.”

Her Honour Judge Nicola Saffman made a contingency order for destruction. It stipulated that French bulldogs should be kept under control, must not be tamed and can be lead by an adult.

A minimum of 5 training sessions must be completed by them before May 1.

A judge ordered Mr Gizzi that he build a fence to keep the dogs out of his backyard.

The judge also told Mr Gizzi to Ms Carroll £400 compensation.  Mr Gizzi had originally received a suspended jail terms and had to pay £1,000 to his victim.

Instead of granting Mr Gizzi a 12 month community order, the judge instead gave him a one-year sentence. For two months, he must be tagged electronically from 9pm to 7am. 

The judge ordered that Mr Gizzi must build a fence or barrier to prevent the dogs escaping from his garden. Pictured: The gates to Mr Gizzi's home

Judge ordered Mr Gizzi to build a barrier or fence around his yard in order to keep the dogs from running. Pictured: Mr Gizzi’s gates

After Mr Gizzi’s successful appeal against Llandudno magistrates’ destruction order was overturned, he said that he felt happy for the dogs.

“My family is grateful for 28,000 signatures from supporters over two weeks. We also appreciate their donation. 

Gizzi, an ex-gangster notorious for his crimes against humanity, was previously sentenced to prison.

He was jailed in 2006 for beating up two homeless men with wooden stave, and  released after three years of a five-and-a-half year sentence.

After admitting to conspiring in order to transport cocaine into Wales, he was sent to prison for eleven years.

After he was released, he bought the dogs for his wife. However, the court learned that there have been seven complaints about Mr Gizzi’s dog family in the past 18 months.

The dogs were bought for Mr Gizzi's (pictured) wife after he was released from prison - but the court heard there had been seven calls about the Mr Gizzi's family's dogs in the last 18 months

After Mr Gizzi was released, the dogs were purchased for his wife (pictured). However, the court learned that there have been seven complaints about Mr Gizzi’s dog family in the past 18 months.

Gizzi shouted during the case: “If my name wasn’t on this sheet, I wouldn’t even be here!” My house was invaded by nine police officers armed with guns to adopt a puppy.

He and Rachel Parland have the dogs as their pets. They could have taught Roxy, three-year-old, and Kilo one behavioural lessons, because of coronavirus restrictions.

He called the decision to kill the dog barbaric, and outrageously harsh.

He stated that he would agree with him that dogs should not be allowed to bite or savage people. In this instance, however, injuries were minimal and the dogs could be rehabilitated.