Lewis Hamilton avoids punishment after wearing his nose stud at the Singapore Grand Prix third practice after bringing a DOCTOR’S NOTE… but his Mercedes team receive a €25,000 fine for not telling the FIA that he was going to wear his piercing

  • Lewis Hamilton could face a penalty for wearing his Singapore nosering in practice
  • The Brit driver had previously been in trouble with F1 officials back home in Britain. 
  • Hamilton was third at qualifying behind Charles Leclerc, Sergio Perez and Sergio Perez 

Lewis Hamilton landed himself in hot water after he was summoned to the stewards for reinstating a nose stud in contravention of FIA rules – despite bringing a doctor’s note.

The Mercedes man wore the jewellery in third practice at the Singapore Grand Prix, and it is unclear whether he removed it for qualifying.

Hamilton was brought in front of the Stewards and asked why he was wearing the nose stud. The seven-time World Champion was able to tell the media that Hamilton had a note from a doctor.

According to the 37-year old, he was third in Sunday’s race.

While Hamilton was let off, his Mercedes team picked up a €25,000 (£22,400) for not telling the FIA he was wearing his piercing.

Following a lengthy dispute with the FIA regarding jewellery in the cockpit, this is the result. Hamilton had previously refused to wear piercings during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, July.

Lewis Hamilton faces a fine after wearing a nose stud during third practice in Singapore

Lewis Hamilton will be fined after he wore a nose stud at third practice in Singapore

Hamilton, after qualifying, said when reporters asked about the FIA’s focus on this matter: ‘I really don’t know man.

“I have a letter from the doctor. I’ve tried my best. A long time back, I received one of my best excuses. It was heat. If you’re in a fire-metal conducts heat.

“But our suits have been covered. Our zip is made of metal. The buckle that goes around the helmet is also metal. We’ve got wires with aluminum metal in them.

“So, I don’t really know. It’s all just a little silly. I hope they will be sensible. Although the safety of our passengers is their primary concern, it’s not an issue for stewards.

Hamilton also stated to media that Hamilton was not making a statement wearing the stud.

He stated that he had his jewellery and nose studs for many years, and there was a lot of fuss at the start of the year.

Hamilton (r) poses with the front row Sergio Perez (l) and Charles Leclerc after qualifying

After qualifying, Hamilton (r), poses with Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez (l), in front row. 

“At the time it seemed like it was soldered in so it wouldn’t come loose. To help me find the solution, they granted an exemption.

“Then, I tried to remove it and found a way to fix it. Because of this, it became infected.

‘I developed a blister on my nose and was unable to breathe properly. There was also puss and blood. This was returned and has been healing over the past 2 weeks. The doctors have requested that it be kept in.

Original summons stated: “The driver and representative of the team are to report at 19:45 to the Stewards in regard to the incident below.

‘Driver 44 – Lewis Hamilton Reason Alleged breach of Appendix L, Chapter III of the FIA International Sporting Code.’

Hamilton’s decision to wear a nose stud during the British Grand Prix in July attracted the attention of F1’s authorities too, as previously reported by Sportsmail – although he later removed it before qualifying. 

At that time, the governing body’s president Mohammed Ben Sulayem felt strongly about enforcing the regulation which bans drivers from wearing jewellery in their cars – and it is clear that this is still the case three months later. 

Bans may be applied for rules violations such as this. However, the commonest option is a fine. It’s more a matter of precedent than financial concern for Britain’s most wealthy active sportpersons. 

Hamilton is third in the grid after Saturday’s qualifying. He trails Charles Leclerc, on pole, and Sergio Perez, on second. Max Verstappen begins in eighth place.  

The Mercedes driver wore the nose stud in practice, but it is unclear if he wore it in qualifying

Although the Mercedes driver did wear it in practice, it’s not clear if he used it during qualifying.