Thousands of eco-warriors are marching through central London today as they join forces with militant trade union supporters and cost-of-living demonstrators in a mega-demo to bring the capital to a standstill. 

Just Stop Oil Ecogroup pledged to occupy Westminster as part the nationwide “Enough is Enough” campaign. It is targeting over 50 cities, towns, and villages in the UK, such as Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, and London.

Twitter user @thegroup stated that thousands of “ordinary people” were expected to marched on London in protest against the climate crisis and rising cost-of-living.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was among the crowds after giving a speech to support today’s crippling railway strikes outside King’s Cross station, while his Peace and Justice Project group joined the demonstrations. 

Piers, his conspiracy theorist brother, was seen in London wearing his now-famous yellow T-shirt. He has previously mounted counter protests to similar events and claimed that global warming is a myth. 

Don’t Pay lit three bins of metal outside Kings Cross station and gave out fake fuel bills to people so they could be thrown into the fire. 

Other groups including Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Insulate Britain are also said to be taking part. 

In Trafalgar Square, there was a massive demonstration to support Mahsa, who was tortured and then killed in Iran because she didn’t wear her hijab properly. 

Just Stop Oil previously said it is hoping for 1,500 of its volunteers to get arrested twice during the protests, which will see demonstrators blocking bridges over the Thames in London.

Early Saturday morning, Lambeth bridge was under police control. There were hundreds of demonstrators holding sit-down demonstrations.  

Some of the Euston marchers held a banner calling capitalism “the enemy of Mother Earth”, while others protested against the government’s mini budget.

George the protester held a sign which criticised both Conservatives’ inability to ‘fiscal Budget Responsibility’ and their record on fossil-fuels.

He stated that ‘I believe no government is able to run if they’re spending more than what it’s getting in’. “That cannot continue forever.”

Self-consciously, he added: “I sound like David Cameron when i say that.”

Following the delayed marchers’ departure, several groups of Londoners occupied Parliament Square.

Eco-zealots Just Stop Oil vowed to 'occupy Westminster' as part of a nationwide demonstration targeting more than 50 cities, towns and villages across the country. (Pictured: Protesters hold up flags and placards at a protest in central London on Saturday)

Just Stop Oil, eco-zealots, vowed that they would ‘occupy Westminster’ in a national demonstration targeting over 50 towns and cities across the country. (Pictured: Protesters hold up flags and placards at a protest in central London on Saturday)

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was among the crowds as his Peace and Justice Project group joined the action as part of the 'Enough is Enough' campaign

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined the protest as the Peace and Justice Project group, part of the Enough is Enough’ campaign.

RMT boss Mick Lynch was also at the protest today after joining picket lines outside Euston station this morning

Mick Lynch, RMT boss was present at today’s protest after joining the picket line outside Euston Station this morning.

A huge demonstration in support of Mahsa Amini, who was recently tortured and killed by authorities in Iran for not wearing her hijab correctly, erupted in in Trafalgar Square on Saturday

On Saturday, there was a huge protest in Trafalgar Square in support Mahsa Amini who had been tortured and murdered by Iranian authorities for wearing her hijab incorrectly. 

Members of the group Don't Pay, which is campaigning against higher energy bills, were also present at the march in London

Don’t Pay members were present as well at the London march. They are a group that campaigns against rising energy costs.

In Birmingham protesters against the cost of living crisis burned fake energy bills as part of the Don't Pay UK campaign

Birmingham: Protesters in protest against the rising cost of living used fake energy bills to raise money as part the Don’t Pay UK campaign

Protesters against the Conservatives and Liz Truss' policies also gathered in Manchester on Saturday, holding placards including those which read 'Defy Tory Rule'

On Saturday, protesters against Liz Truss’ and the Conservatives policies gathered in Manchester with placards that read ‘Defy Tory Rule.

Jeremy Corbyn poses with children at a protest in central London on Saturday as a girl holds up a sign reading: 'Tories out!'

Jeremy Corbyn and children pose at a demonstration in central London Saturday, as a girl raises a sign that reads: ‘Tories Out! 

Protesters hold up flags and placards at a protest in London on October 1, 2022

London, October 1, 2022: Protesters raise placards or flags during a demonstration

Protesters march behind orange Just Stop Oil banners holding up signs reading: 'Just stop capitalism' and 'cheap public transport'

Protesters marche behind Just Stop Oil orange banners, holding signs that read: “Just stop capitalism” and “cheap transport.”

Hairy Bikers TV chef Si King joins hundreds of protesters attending a Cost of Living demonstration in Newcastle City Centre on Saturday

Si King, Hairy Bikers TV Chef joins thousands of demonstrators at a Cost of Living protest in Newcastle City Centre this Saturday

Actor Rob Delaney addresses the Enough is Enough strike rally outside of Kings Cross station on Saturday

Actor Rob Delaney addressed the Enough is Enough rally at Kings Cross Station on Saturday 

Protesters gather to 'support the strikes' outside Kings Cross station in central London on Saturday

On Saturday, protestors gathered to support the strikers outside Kings Cross Station in central London. 

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joins in with his support of the strikes outside Kings Cross station on Saturday

Jeremy Corbyn, former Labour leader joins his support for the strike outside Kings Cross Station on Saturday 

Protestors outside King's Cross hold several placards, one against energy bills and another against the Rwanda deportation scheme

King’s Cross protestors hold multiple placards against energy bills, and one for the Rwandan deportation plan.

A group of protesters sit on a step in central London holding up signs reading: 'Sit for climate'

Protesters gather on a London sidewalk holding signs saying: “Sit for climate”

Protests against the Iranian regime saw hundreds gather in Trafalgar Square on Saturday

On Saturday, hundreds protested against Iran’s regime in Trafalgar Square

Protesters hold photographs of Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini, who was tortured and killed by Iranian authorities

Photographs of Mahsa Amini (a Kurdish woman) are held by protesters 

Protesters gather in support of Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini during a protest on October 1, 2022 in Trafalgar Square

Protesters gathered to support Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish woman during the Trafalgar Square protest of October 1, 2022

A man draped in an Iranian flag joins the protests against the regime in Trafalgar Square on Saturday

On Saturday, a man wearing an Iranian flag joined the demonstrations in Trafalgar Square against the Iranian regime 

'We are not your slaves': Protester holds up banner in support of the strikes outside Kings Cross station on Saturday

Protester held up banner supporting strikes at Kings Cross station Saturday: 

Hundreds gather to support the railway strikers as a series of protests hit London on Saturday

As a result of a string of demonstrations in London, hundreds gathered to show support for the rail strikers. 

A woman lets off a purple flare as RMT union supporters gather outside King's Cross Station in central London on Saturday

On Saturday, RMT union supporters gathered at King’s Cross Station in central London to let off some purple fireworks.

Dave Ward of the CWU addresses the Enough is Enough strike rally outside of Kings Cross station on Saturday

Dave Ward, CWU address the Enough is Enough rally at Kings Cross Station on Saturday 

Mick Lynch gave a passionate speech  to protestors from the Don't Pay movement earlier today in London

Mick Lynch gave a passionate speech  to protestors from the Don’t Pay movement earlier today in London

RMT members march from their nearby headquarters to the Enough is Enough rally outside of Kings Cross station on Saturday, led by their general secretary Mick Lynch (pictured second from left)

RMT members marched on Saturday from their local headquarters to Enough is Enough at Kings Cross station, lead by Mick Lynch (pictured second left).

'This is not an energy crisis, this is a wealth crisis': Protester holds up sign at Enough is Enough rally in central London on Saturday

Protester raises sign during Enough is Enough rally, central London. 

People taking part during a Enough is Enough rally in London to protest against rising energy bills

London citizens take part in an Enough is Enough demonstration to protest rising energy costs

The Demo was to commence at approximately 11 am when volunteers gathered at 25 locations across London (including Waterloo Station, Paddington Station and Euston Station).

These groups will meet at Westminster in an attempt to “demand an end the economic and moral madness that continues oil and gas exploration”. 

Extinction Rebellion posted from Parliament Square: “Parliament Square…” Occupied. Politics is no longer the same. Government can’t tackle the #ClimateCrises or the #CostOfToryCrisis.

“Liz Truss has no authority or mandate. She is completely out of her element. She serves only the super wealthy, not the ordinary people.

Just Stop Oil has found Roger Hallam. The Mail revealed that Roger Hallam had been arrested by the Metropolitan Police on Sunday. However, it stated that they would not arrest protesters at first because of their fear but would have to as the demonstrations intensify. 

The group was seeking to find and recruit 1,500 people who are willing to get detained twice in London as part of the campaign.

A former businessman and activist who is now in his late 40s told a Norwich gathering earlier this month that the justice system could not handle 3,000 arrests.

There was a heavy police presence on Lambeth Bridge on Saturday as protesters staged a mass sit down

On Saturday, there was heavy police presence at Lambeth Bridge as protesters held a massive sit-down 

Groups of police officers monitor protests on Lambeth Bridge in London on Saturday

Police officers watch protests in London’s Lambeth Bridge on Saturday 

On April 1, the group started its protest and has witnessed 1 296 arrests. Protestors wanted the UK to end all new oil and gas production. 

On Saturday, Eco-warriors took control of several bridges throughout the capital. 

David Pearson, the organizer of the march, said, “The politicians have turned an ear to protests and marches — they just don’t seem to care.”

In front of Westminster Palace, he said that he was trying to shame an unrepentant government.

Most marchers left the scene after responding to the police request at 3.30pm. 

Meanwhile, protestors gathered in Leeds outside British Gas offices to protest the use of fossil fuels as well as the current cost-of-living crisis. 

Julie Hesmondhalgh (who played Hayley Cropper on Coronation Street) will speak at the Manchester rally with Lamin Touray who was portrayed by Ashley Hardcastle. 

Newcastle’s event was supported by Si King (one half of The Hairy Bikers) and poet Tom Pickard. 

Rob Delaney, a comedian and award-winner will be joining Mick Lynch of Rail Maritime and Transport union and Dave Ward from the Communication Workers Union at the London event. 

Rob Delaney stated: ‘Does the chief executive require an extra zero to their salary or should teachers, nurses and other staff be able heating their homes during winter? There is no need to be more. 

Protesters march in front of a tram in Manchester holding up signs reading: 'Enough is enough, general election now' and 'defy Tory rule'

On Saturday, hundreds of protestors gathered in Manchester against the rising cost-of living crisis 

Protesters march against the rising cost of living in Manchester on Saturday

On Saturday, protestors marched against rising living costs in Manchester 

A woman burns a 'fuel bill' in Centenary Square during a Enough is Enough rally in Birmingham

A woman burns a ‘fuel bill’ in Centenary Square during a Enough is Enough rally in Birmingham

Hundreds of Nottingham protesters marched through the streets on Saturday after outrage spread at cost of living in the UK

After outrage over the high cost of living, hundreds of protestors from Nottingham marched down the streets of London on Saturday

Protests in Nottingham as part of the national 'Enough is Enough' campaign, sparked by the cost-of-living crisis

Nottingham protests were part of the nationwide ‘Enough is Enough campaign. It was sparked in response to the crisis at the cost of living.

'Tax the rich': Protesters hold up signs during cost-of-living demo in Birmingham on Saturday

Protesters held up signs during the cost-of-living demonstration in Birmingham, Saturday. 

People take part during a Enough is Enough rally in Glasgow on Saturday to protest against rising energy bills and the cost of living crisis

On Saturday, people took part in the Enough is Enough protest at Glasgow to oppose rising energy costs and the current cost of living crisis

Protests coincide with picket line protests by rail workers at major stations in India as part of the ongoing strike over wages, conditions and working conditions. 

Lamin Touray, a former Coronation Street actor said that he saw Enough is Enough and thought it was exactly what everybody is feeling. 

“I don’t believe anyone can remember when it was this difficult. The (Government) must listen to people. It can’t continue like this. 

Si King is a chef-presenter who was also known as Hairy Biker. He stated that millions upon millions of people across America are suffering from the cost-of living crisis, and they have been forced into poverty. 

“We have a system which favours corporations power and wealth above ordinary people. It is a system that favours corporate power and wealth over ordinary people. Those who are in power do not have the capacity or empathy to make it change. 

Just Stop Oil spokesmen stated that they are seeing the end of everything they hold dear. Our government has not ‘got this’ – they are increasing the grip of fossil fuels at our throat. 

“If the government continues to approve new oil- and gas projects, then we will stop them.” Join thousands of ordinary citizens in peaceful resistance at Westminster starting October 1, because your lives are dependent on it.

Jeremy Corbyn was the founder and leader of the Peace and Justice Project. The crisis is here. The cost of living can’t be separated from the climate crisis. It is all the system that creates billionaires, and then starves millions of people, that causes the crisis. This cannot be solved. It must be overthrown and transformed.

Stuart Bretherton (24) Energy For All Campaign Co-ordinator, Fuel Poverty Action, stated: “The cost of living and climate crises are direct results of the way our economy has been run to the advantage of an industry that will eat us up and throw us out.” 

“But we also have solutions for both crises. Climate justice does not mean more hardship. It means warmer homes, better economics, and lower costs.

Blaksox’s Lee Jasper stated that the west continually produces carbon gas in order to sustain its consumer economies. Meanwhile, the world’s poorest citizens in the south suffer from climate disaster, drought and famine. These people have to be sacrificed in order to continue living a unsustainable lifestyle. Climate change is a matter of climate justice.

Zita, Chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC UK), stated that the issues of climate displacements, ecological injustices, migration, colonialism and reparations are all part of the struggle for racial justice worldwide. It is impossible to have nothing without us. None of us can be free until all of our freedoms are achieved.

Kate Hudson, from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament said: ‘Fossil fuels have contributed to the two greatest threats facing humanity – climate catastrophe and nuclear war.’

Insulate Britain’s Liam Norton said that the government’s plans to create new oil, gas, and coal plants is the most serious act of criminal government behavior in history. They’re participating in the devastation of the country, as well as the killing of many people all over the globe. It’s what else could you name it? We need to insulate Britain to prevent new oil or gas from coming to our shores. Now.’