Lewis Hamilton wins thrilling Sao Paulo Grand Prix, after finishing 10th on the grid. He is now Mercedes driver and continues title fight with Max Verstappen. This closes Red Bull’s 14 point lead.

Lewis Hamilton was brilliant at the Brazilian Grand Prix. He took a stunning victory, narrowing his gap to Max Verstappen’s world championship lead to 14 points.

He was chasing his eighth title and he smashed up from 10th position on the grid. After an engine penalty, he used every inch of power in his Mercedes-powered Mercedes to his advantage. Never has he driven so well.

The 71-lap race was a huge success and the rivals were able to scrape it out. Hamilton and Verstappen, a Dutchman, were separated only by a fraction of a second. 

After an impressive overtake by Max Vertappen Lewis Hamilton has been awarded the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The Mercedes star hails the crowd after the race, who supported him and cheered his overtake

After his victory, Mercedes’ star driver hails the support of the fans who cheered him on.

Sir Lewis unfurled a Brazilian flag to the adoring masses after securing the win in Sao Paulo

After securing victory in Sao Paulo, Sir Lewis presented a Brazilian flag and banner to his supporters

On lap 48, Hamilton was just a fraction behind the Red Bull. The two arm wrestled through open bends. Verstappen moved across to Hamilton and ran him out of space on Turn 4.

Although the incident was recorded, Michael Masi, race director, ruled that no further action was required. Hamilton received information about the incident but did not report it to police. He responded sarcastically, “Ofcourse not.” It is. 

Hamilton soon found himself all over Verstappen again like a rash. Hamilton pinned his feet to the ground and passed Verstappen, 24, who couldn’t resist the assault. Hamilton glided along lap 59 with some relief. 

They stood as a wonder.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen led the race for a long time but could not resist Hamilton's advances

Red Bull’s Max Vertappen was the leader of the race for quite some time, but Hamilton kept him at bay.

Verstappen pushed Hamilton wide of track but the Red Bull escaped any punishment

Hamilton was driven off-track by Verstappen but Hamilton was spared.

The defending champion emerged victorious from their enthralling game of cat-and-mouse

In the end, their thrilling game of cat and mouse saw the defending champion emerge victorious

Verstappen, who had been trying to shrug Hamilton off for a lap just a few minutes earlier, was weaving all around the shop. He was awarded a black-and-white flag – the one-more-and-you’re-out warning. Quite right.

Hamilton, who breezed past seven competitors as though they were bollards within the first five laps of the race, now has the momentum from a weekend which has given him a lot. 

First the engine penalty followed by being moved to the back for violating the rear wing.

Only three races are left. Next week, in Qatar; Saudi Arabia next week. Abu Dhabi December 12th. The winner will receive seventy eight points. 

Pianist Joao Carlos Martins played the Brazil national anthem on track before the race began

Joao Carlos Martins, a pianist from Brazil played the Brazil National Anthem on the track prior to the start of the race

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