The daughter of ex-Star Chicago Bulls player Corey Benjamin, 14, was filmed sucking punching an opponent player in a youth basketball game. She apparently had a past of violence on the court.

Another amateur video of the girl attacking and punching players in a Carson tournament has been released. It was taken in September.

The incident prompted the organizers of the tournament, a company that goes by the name ‘Swoosh,’ to ban the girl and her team from competition.

‘When I realized that it was associated to the first fight, that I actually witnessed in person, it was devastating just because it’s as if this girl is kind of just out of control,’ Swoosh director Tisha Mcafee told KTLA-TV.

Corey Benjamin played three seasons with the Bulls, but finished his career overseas

Benjamin in 1999

Corey Benjamin was a Bulls player for three seasons, and he ended his career abroad.

Benjamin’s daughter has also been banned from Avac United, the organizing group that hosts youth basketball games for kids between the ages of 13 and 16.

Benjamin’s little girl is not known by her name as she is minor. 

The ban was put in place after Benjamin’s daughter sucker-punched 15-year-old Lauryn Ham, who was on the opposing team.

Ham fell to the ground and accidentally tripped Benjamin’s daughter after shooting a jump shot last week during a game in Garden Grove, California.

Benjamin released a statement to The Associated Press, saying, “As a father I am shocked and disappointed by my daughter’s behaviour as it is not a reflection on the values and standards of my family,”

“Nor does this embody the values, character, and spirit of sportsmanship required by the game basketball.

Kevin Hahn is an attorney for the Ham family and stated last week that Ham was caught hitting two people during a September tournament match.

According to NBCLA, Hahn stated that she understood that the organization holding the tournament had banned Hahn and placed her on a ban list for any future tournaments.

Hahn suggested that it is possible organizers of last weekend’s tournament didn’t know about the suspension of the 14 year-old. Hahn also stated that both her daughter and mother are being charged by the Ham family.

Benjamin revealed last week that his daughter was the 14-yearold basketball player who was caught on camera suckingpunching Lauryn. For the offense, he apologized to her. 

Benjamin stated, “This was not how I raised our daughter,” after he played with the Bulls for three seasons and briefly played with the Atlanta Hawks from 2003 to 2003. After his international career, he returned home. 

Video of Benjamin’s teenage girl punching her opponent during a Southern California tournament quickly became viral. 

Lauryn, the victim has been publicly identified by her family. According to her mother, she was left blindsided and suffered concussion. A police report has been filed by the family and it alleges that Lauryn Ham, 14, was assaulted.

Lauryn Ham, the victim who has been identified publicly by her own family, was blindsided by the punch and, according to her mother, suffered a concussion. The family has filed a police report and is accusing the 14-year-old of assault

Lauryn, the victim has been publicly identified by her families. According to her mother, she was blindsided and suffered a concussion. Family has made a report to the police and accuses 14-year old of assault

According to Alice Ham (right), her 15-year-old daughter Lauryn (left) suffered a concussion

Alice Ham (right) claims her 15-year old daughter Lauryn (left), suffered a concussion. 

According to the game referee, the mother of the 14-year old told NBCLA that her daughter had told Lauryn to ‘go at’ Lauryn.

Benjamin now apologizes to the Hams for Benjamin’s daughter’s actions and for her mother.

He said, “To the young lady punched by me during a youth basketball match, I deeply apologize and I pray for your total healing.”

To her family: I am deeply sorry and ashamed that your daughter was subject to this. It is not her fault. I also apologize for the hurt and distress caused by my daughter’s actions. My family is important to me and I want the best for them.

“As a father I am shocked and disappointed by my daughter’s behaviour as it is not reflective of the family values and standards,” he said. It does not reflect the spirit, character, and values of sportsmanship required by the game of basketball.

“My daughter made a mistake. She will have to correct it. She will need to take responsibility and get the help that she needs.

In a video that quickly went viral, Benjamin's 14-year-old daughter is seen sucker punching a 15-year-old opponent during a tournament game in Southern California on Sunday, leading to her immediate ejection

Benjamin’s 14 year old daughter was seen punching her 15-year-old rival during Sunday’s tournament in Southern California. The video quickly became viral and led to Benjamin being expelled immediately.

Benjamin was present at the game Sunday between Dream Academy, Benjamin’s daughters team, and SoCal Blaze.

Benjamin’s little girl launches a three pointer off the wing. Ham appears to be touching the shooter, as the video shows.

Corey Benjamin #25 of the North Charleston Lowgators dunks against the Mobile Revelers during a G-League game at the North Charleston Coliseum on January 1, 2003

Corey Benjamin #25, North Charleston Lowgators, dunks against Mobile Revelers at a G-League Game held at North Charleston Coliseum. It was January 1, 2003.

The two players collapsed and a voice shouted at them to get back up.

Instantly, the 14-yearold shoter swung up and hit Ham with her left elbow. She eventually dropped the 15-yearold to the court.

Another woman told me, “Oh my God!” after she had received the punch.

Alice Ham (Lauryn’s mom), stated that she was stunned. I couldn’t believe it could happen.

“You see everything on video, and it never occurs to you,” It hurt so much to actually be able to see the child.

Alice was at the same time watching another child at court, and was informed by parents that the mother of the 14-year old had told her to go after Lauryn.

I can clearly hear my mom’s voice. [in the video]Alice Ham stated, “Yes,” “I can tell it is the mother because I was told by witnesses. She clearly tells her daughter that you must hit her. “That” is what I do not know. The mom doesn’t believe she saw it.

ABC 7 spoke with Attorney Brett Greenfield on behalf of the family. He released a statement about the incident.

The statement stated that the client’s family was deeply and truly sorry. “This unfortunate incident involved a highly motivated and promising student athlete. It is important to keep things in perspective. This young man made a mistake.

“The family is concerned about the comments made on social media regarding this incident. Respectfully, we ask for her to be allowed the benefit and privacy as she is young.