A A-lister’s life is full of dreams.

Who are these people? 

From Los Angeles, Kelsea and Cole Moscatel, founders of Snob World’s luxury events and concierge services, shared the secrets of how the wealthy and famous can have their wishes fulfilled.

You can be sure they will find the right solution for you.   

You can rely on them for everything, from organizing helicopter rides to flying your pets around the world or taking good care of valuable jewelry.

LA couple Cole and Kelsea Moscatel, pictured with Paris Hilton, run celebrity luxury events and concierge service in California

Cole and Kelsea, an LA couple, are pictured here with Paris Hilton.

Kelsea pictured with singer John Legend

Kelsea is pictured here with John Legend

Kelsea Moscatel with Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez with Kelsea Molcatel

Cole and Kelsea are socialites and have an extensive network of contacts that helps them identify only the most talented designers, caterers and stylists. 

After Kelsea had given birth to Zayden, the couple from Redlands in California came up with an idea for an events-planning company.

Kelsea explained that people kept telling her that she wouldn’t have the life I wanted and would need to change everything. She also said that it was impossible to travel as a wealthy person.

“We were open to the idea of flying out on last-minute flights or hosting extravagant parties.

We agreed with ‘Cole that this wouldn’t be true, but we also wanted to show otherwise.

Kelsea, 31, said: 'People were always telling me that I wouldn't be able to live my life and everything would change, that the opulent travelling lifestyle we were used to wouldn't be available.'

Kelsea (31 years old) said that she was constantly told by people that they wouldn’t allow her to lead a normal life, and that everything would be different. She also stated that it wouldn’t make sense to continue living the luxurious lifestyle that Kelsea had been accustomed to.

Cole and Kelsea Moscatel's 'Free Britney' billboard in LA

Cole and Kelsea Mocatel’s billboard advertising ‘Free Britney’ in Los Angeles

“Then, one evening, I had an epiphany and decided to make a lifestyle blog that detailed how you could continue living luxuriously even with your child.

“The blog had many useful tips about luxury lifestyle, travel, shopping, etc. and we created SnobWorld, a brand that shares and provides these experiences.

“We’re still very spontaneous, but we make more conscious decisions to ensure that our son is happy.

“We have found a way to make both of these things possible.

Cole (24), recalled a glamorous event at work. His client planned a trip to Monaco to meet clients he had to impress. 

Pictured outside their home, the couple have created a successful business out of the luxury lifestyle blog they created after the birth of their son

Photographed in their backyard, they have made a business of the lifestyle blog that was created shortly after giving birth to their son.

The pair have an age gap of six years, with Kelsea age 31, and Cole age 24

They have a six-year age difference, Cole being 24 and Kelsea 31.

Cole started his first ever business at 12 years old, a dog washing service

Cole, 12 years old at the time, started his first business: a dog-washing service.

Kelsea pictured in front of a Rolls Royce and a private jet. The couple always loved the luxury lifestyle themselves so now get to sell it through their events and concierge service

Kelsea pictured with a Rolls Royce as well as a private plane. They have always been passionate about luxury living and now they can share it with others through events and their concierge services.

The pair co-founded Snob World after realizing they had a keen eye for luxury products and travel

After realizing their passion for travel and luxury products, the pair founded Snob World.

“My team organized for my clients to be picked from their hotels in a helicopter and taken to their yacht which had its own landing pad,” he stated.

They spent the day talking business and taking in the stunning views from Monte Carlo.

“It was so profitable that we still have it as our client today.” 

Cole and Kelsea are careful about protecting their client’s identities. However, they hint at the fact that some of the wealthiest 1% come from celebrities, business magnates and real estate tycoons.

With a combined Instagram follow of over 2.1million, they are also celebrities.

Pictured with Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child, Kelsea Moscatel knows how to find any solution to the extreme demands from celebrities

Kelsea is shown here with Kelly Rowland, Destiny’s Child. Kelsea knows the best way to meet celebs’ extreme needs.

Cole and Kelsea have seen tastes change and adapt since setting up Snob World in 2019 and even more so since COVID-19 hit

Cole and Kelsea saw tastes evolve and change since opening Snob World 2019 in addition to the COVID-19 impact.

Cole and Kelsea closely guard their clients' identities, however they do hint that the top 1% of wealth they work with comes from royalty, business magnates, real estate tycoons and celebrities

Cole and Kelsea keep their clients’ identities private. But they mention that they have worked with the richest 1%, which includes royalty, business magnates and property tycoons.

Cole stated that the 12-year-old was our youngest ever client.

“She was a rising popstar. Her parents wanted to arrange a small tour of the US.

That was a unique request for our services, but it is something we can do.”.

Kelsea stated that party planning is the same. She actually has an entire industry of it in Snob Concierge.

No request is too small or large. We’ve handled it all. Even stars’ furry companions.

Kelsea Moscatel with her team as they get off a private jet and step into a Lamborghini

Kelsea Mocatel and her team get off a private aircraft to step into a Lamborghini.

“There are many instances when the team has organized to fly pets on private aircraft with an accompanying security guard. This ensured that all went well.

It can be a dog, cat, rabbit, or even pig. You are someone’s furbaby. They are our only concern.

“Our team chartered a private aircraft to deliver high-end jewelry to celebrities hours ahead of major events.

Cole and Kelsea both have witnessed tastes shift and adapt since they opened Snob World in 2019, and more since COVID-19.

Cole stated that people are now seeking more exclusive and private experiences and opportunities since the pandemic. This is despite the fact social distancing being in place for so many years.

The couple, both from Redlands, California, came up with the idea for the events-planning business after Kelsea gave birth to their son Zayden, 3

After Kelsea had given birth to Zayden in Redlands, California, the couple came up with an idea for an events-planning company.

Kelsea saidL 'We are definitely still spontaneous but we are more thoughtful about our choices to make sure it is always in the best interest of our son', pictured with Zayden, 3

Kelsea saidL “We’re still spontaneous, but we’re more careful about making decisions to ensure that our son is in his best interests.” (pictured with Zayden).

“We have seen an increase in the number of family events as well as in special events.

“Whether they were planning an extravagant event at home or taking the entire family on a flight to private islands, clients are now more focused on spending time with loved ones. 

Kelsea said that the personal butler is the newest must-have at any party.

According to her, “In the past year all of the trips that we’ve organized have required us to hire a butler for them.” This seems to be the newest luxury trend.

Cole and Kelsea mean when they claim that “nothing is too big”.

The couple recalls the most costly event they have ever organized and how it cost them a lot to rent a whole theme park. They also hired’very well-known’ musicians as entertainment.

Kelsea said, “There were so many ingenious details that were part of that day.”

“We not only secured the band and the theme park, but also brought in food from outside the country.

“We spent also hundreds of thousands.” [of dollars]flowers and staff, plus all the other extras.

Cole and Kelsea give credit to their team, who they claim are full of experts capable of solving problems quickly.

Kelsea, 31, revealed that the latest must-have item at every party is a personal butler

Kelsea, 31, revealed that the latest must-have item at every party is a personal butler

Cole, 24, had his son with Kelsea when he was age 21, which led the two to start Snob World

The 24-year-old said the youngest client they have ever had is 12 years old

Cole was 24 when his son, Kelsea, was born. This led to the creation of Snob World by Cole and Kelsea.

Kelsea says: “For this event the greatest issue was getting food from outside of the country.

“There were many issues and delays that came along with it. We almost did not receive it in the time we needed.”

“It was difficult and complex, but we found a way to get it done.”

The couple says that despite the logistical challenges of organizing multiple vendors and concessions for each event, their biggest obstacle is the clients themselves.

‘Our team knows how to handle organisational problems well when they arise – whether it’s licensing, booking, or last-minute crisis, however, it’s always people that are the most unpredictable,’ revealed Cole.

“Clients that are difficult to work alongside are our greatest obstacle.”

“Once, they had a client that was planning an extravagant proposal and engagement party. They told us everything they needed.

The pair have quite the following on Instagram, with Kelsea having 1M followers and Cole with 1.1million

They continue the luxury branding of Snob World into their social media pages with images of the pair on fabulous trips away

They have quite the Instagram following, with Kelsea boasting 1M followers and Cole having 1.1million.

The couple said they have turned down many potential clients and many potential partnerships with brands or companies because they did not make sense with their brand

They said that they had turned down many clients or potential partnerships with brands and companies due to their lack of compatibility with their brand.

Kelsea said: 'We're incredibly selective about who we work with, who we partner with, and if the request aligns with our brand'

 Kelsea said: ‘We’re incredibly selective about who we work with, who we partner with, and if the request aligns with our brand’

“It was all planned, completed and booked. But, just two days before the engagement the client decided that he desired something entirely different. He wanted it in a totally different country. With completely different details.

“Our team was amazing and took everything in stride, even though it was difficult. The team earned their glass of wine at the conclusion of that day.

Cole and Kelsea agree that despite the challenges, the job is exciting.

Kelsea stated, “We have a very strict policy about whom we collaborate with and with whom we partner, and we will only accept requests that align with our brand.”

“We have turned down many potential partners and clients with companies and brands because it didn’t make sense for our brand.

‘We believe this is something that makes us elite and something that our clients really value in our services, and if that makes us snobs – so be it.’