After accidents or injuries, thousands of people are admitted to hospital with the lockdown trend for DIY and gardening.

  • Over 5,600 were treated in hospital for powered tool accidents in England
  • After accidents with non-powered instruments, another 2,700 people needed medical attention
  • After being hurt by lawnmowers, 349 more were taken to the hospital. 

According to figures, thousands required hospital treatment after suffering injuries during popular lockdown activity.

NHS Digital 2020/21 data shows more than 5600 hospitalized in England after having come into contact with powered tools. 2700 were treated after an incident with non-powered tools like a saw, hammer, or other power tool. 

A further 349 were admitted after being injured by lawnmowers and 5,300 after falling from playground equipment –including eight over the age of 90.

Lockdown also allowed new pets, with 7,386 being admitted after they were bitten by dogs. Other patients turned to cooking and 2,243 ended up on the ward with severe burns after consuming hot liquids, foods, or cooking oils.

Data from NHS Digital for 2020/21 shows that more than 5,600 in England were admitted to hospital after coming into contact with a powered tool

NHS Digital 2020/21 data shows that over 5,600 patients were admitted to hospitals in England after having come into contact with a power tool.

46 people had to be admitted for rat bites, and 60 were taken into hospital after being bitten by venomous spiders.

After coming in contact with the scorpion, four people had to be admitted.

A 90-year old woman, who was bitten by an alligator or crocodile, was taken to the hospital.

Some individuals turned to culinary improvement.

Although many people expressed appreciation for the sun during the lockdown, only 153 were admitted with sunburn.

Rat bites contributed to 47 hospital admissions and 60 people were admitted after coming into contact with a venomous spider

48 hospitalizations were caused by rat bites. 60 patients had to be admitted due to contact with a poisonous spider.

In the meantime, 12,355 people were admitted to hospital for ‘overexertion’ and’strenuous or repetitive movement’.

The figures only represent the people who were admitted to hospital during 2020/21 and many more accidents would have been dealt with by A&E doctors and GPs and people sent home to tend to their wounds.

Numerous accidents and injuries were reduced in comparison to last year because people spent more time inside and less engaging in normal pursuits.

The number of hospital admissions due to one injury has increased significantly.

Three cases of lightning strikes in 2019/20 were reported, but the number of victims who required assistance rose to 18. This is more proof that 2020 is a unique year.

PA News Agency was informed by a spokesperson for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

“Among the many stranger entries in our database, there are some alarming trends that highlight the accidents challenges we face.

Accidents can be avoided

“In the middle of all the joy of Christmas, especially for those who weren’t able to spend it with loved ones last year,” we urge everyone to think about safety and make sure that the festivities don’t get cut short because of an unfortunate accident.