Tory MPs who are anti-lockdown demand that they vote for the return of masks. After Sajid javid claimed that MPs would not have to discuss this move until weeks later, it is now law.

  • Mark Harper MP yesterday demanded help for mask mandates
  • While a number of Backbench Tories could rebel against the government, they are expected to prevail.
  • Parliament will consider the proposed regulation on facial coverings.  

Tory MPs who are anti-lockdown have called for a vote to bring back the masks. This is after Sajid javid claimed that there will be no debate in Parliament about it until weeks later.

Chairman of the Covid Recovery Group, lockdown-sceptic Tory MPs Mark Harper demanded last night that tomorrow’s vote and debate be held. 

There are a number of Backbench Tories who may rebel against the restrictions. However, Labour is unlikely to oppose them, almost guaranteeing that they will be passed. 

Today’s regulation changes regarding the use of facial coverings will be presented to Parliament and take effect tomorrow at 4am.

A proceedings quirk means that MPs cannot vote on measures prior to they are introduced.

A raft of new Covid rules were announced by PM Boris Johnson at a Downing Street press conference on Saturday (pictured)

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (pictured), announced several new Covid laws at Saturday’s Downing Street press conference.

Mark Harper (pictured), chairman of the Covid Recovery Group of lockdown-sceptics Tory MPs, last night demanded that a debate and vote should be held tomorrow

Mark Harper (pictured), Chairman of the Covid Recovery Group, lockdown-sceptics Tory MMPs demanded that tomorrow’s debate and vote be held

Yesterday, Mr Javid stated that a vote is only required within 28 days. This could potentially be weeks after changes have been made.

Harper stated that the ministers had confirmed they would lay the necessary legislation on Monday. I think it’s important that MPs get the chance to debate and vote on that legislation at the earliest possible opportunity.’

According to him, Tuesday’s vote will be an indicator of how serious ministers take Parliament.

This comes weeks after fractious relations between Tory backbenchers, Downing Street and Downing Street due to ‘Tory scandal’ headlines.

While the law changes can be put in place for any time, Mr Javid indicated that he would prefer to have them ‘temporary’ and have them reviewed in three weeks. 

Mr Javid said yesterday a vote only needs to be help within 28 days, potentially weeks after the changes are made (file image)

Yesterday, Mr Javid stated that a vote is only required within 28 days. This could potentially be weeks after changes have been made. (file image). 

The return of mandatory facemasks in shops and on public transport was one of the new measures announced on Saturday

One of the latest measures was Saturday’s announcement of the return to mandatory facemasks on buses and in shops. 

Britain will experience new travel restrictions and increased testing, as well as the return to compulsory facemasks for shops in the wake of the announcement by Boris Johnson regarding the Omicron Omicron form of Covid.

Many winter vacations will be affected. Anyone returning from overseas must undergo PCR testing and then self-isolate to ensure a positive result.

It was revealed that Omicron variant-infected UK patient number 2 had been double-jabbed. Scientists at Britain’s most secret Porton Down laboratory studied swabs of cases in order to understand how this’super mutant” strain reacts with vaccines.

A significant new development is that everyone who contacts someone with the variant will need to self-isolate within ten days.

Outlined by a businesslike Johnson at a Downing Street press conference, the new rules – set to be in place for at least three weeks – were met with dismay by the travel industry.