This is so computer! Sussex Police will use gender-neutral warrant card after LGBT officers complain about different cards.

  • The initial IDs of male Sussex police officers used to include A and C.
  • After the LGBT Meeting, the force switched to gender neutral warrant cards
  • A retired Chief Detective Superintendent called it ‘nonsense. 

After complaints from LGB networks, the Sussex Police decided to create gender neutral warrant cards.

Critics are concerned that this move could cause delays for female officers who will be required to search because they will need ID checks.  

In Sussex, male officers were used to receive an A or C as part of their IDs. Women received a B or D.

All recruits now receive EA starting with their warrant numbers. The next batch will be given EB.

The Sun reports that it happened after the bosses met with members of the LGBT network.

Sussex Police have moved to gender-neutral warrant cards after the force's LGB network complained having male and female ones was outdated (file image)

The Sussex Police has moved to gender-neutral warrant card after its LGB network complained about the outdated status of male and female cards (file photo).

A retired Chief Superintendent of Detectives called it ‘nonsense.

Kevin Moore said, “One reason we differentiated was due to gender-specific police tasks.

“If a female prisoner required searching, you would require a woman officer to do it.”

There was also a divide in the opinion. Adrian Rutherford of Sussex Police’s People Services said that there is no requirement for officers to be aware of their gender.

The incident comes just months after officers responding to an illegal lockdown were shocked to discover that there was a dozen officers on-duty at the party.

The police were called to investigate reports of loud music at the party and over 30 guests in a Hove house just 2 days after lifting lockdown restrictions.

Elsewhere, the change divided opinion as Adrian Rutherford, from Sussex Police's People Services, said 'there is no requirement to know an officer's gender'. Pictured, Sussex Police

The changes caused divisions elsewhere as Adrian Rutherford of Sussex Police’s People Services said that there was no need for officers to be gender-specific. Photographed by Sussex Police

Officers from Sussex Police discovered several of their off-duty counterparts drinking and dining inside the house when the homeowner opened it. This was in violation Covid regulations.

Sources claim that up to 10 officers may be involved in creating a major embarrassment for the force.

She stated that the party was loud and filled with music, alcohol, food and lots and lots of people having a blast.

The officers that responded to the call must have felt quite shocked when they discovered the illegal party was packed with fellow colleagues, who were also on day off.

‘To find that a load of serving police officers are being ‘Covidiots’ is a major embarrassment for the force, especially as they have been handing out these draconian £10,000 fines to Covid rule-breakers.’