Look Ma – no hands! Daisy is just 4 years old and makes unicycling seem so easy

  • Daisy Adams is 4 years old and can balance on an unicycle once she has learned how to use the kitchen counter 
  • At 20 months old, she started to use a balance bike and then a pedal bike.
  • Daisy rides a BMX with her dad, and Daisy also bikes together. 

A normal bicycle with only two wheels is difficult for children to learn.

Daisy Adams, however, has conquered that and then gone on to master the unicycle – at the tender age of four.

When she was just twenty-months old, her balance bike became her first and then she moved to a pedal bicycle at age two.

Helen, aged 34 and Robert, at 45 were impressed by the unicycle use of older children. Helen told Robert that Helen wanted one too. After much searching, they finally purchased a used one.

Daisy had difficulty with balance, and she would often cling onto her parents’ kitchen countertops as Daisy cycled around Bristol. She soon learned to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk with her parents. She can now ride an unicycle without assistance.

Now four, Daisy can ride a unicycle with no hands and unaided after learning by using kitchen countertops for balance (pictured)

Daisy is now four and can safely ride unicycles with her hands free. After learning how to use kitchen countertops as balance, she (pictured)

Balancing act: Daisy Adams kicked off on a bike without pedals (pictured)

Daisy Adams started on a bike with no pedals, balancing her act (pictured).

She then progressed to BMX and could stand on the saddle while staying upright (pictured)

Then she moved on to BMX, and was able to stand upright while riding in the saddle (pictured).

Mrs Adams stated that she was always surprised by her young age and small stature of 97 cm (3ft 2in)

She also has other riding abilities. Her mother said that Daisy practices riding four to five times per week. “She can ride BMX, mountain bikes and unicycles as well as rollers inside.

“She is able to stand on her BMX and put one hand on the crossbar. The unicycle proved to be her greatest challenge. She said that it was the most difficult thing she has done, but she is proud of her accomplishments, Mrs Adams, an instructor in outdoor activities. 

“She is a remarkable balance. It’s clear that she is in complete control of all technical aspects. She found something that made her smile, which makes us very happy.

Daisy bought her first mountain bike last June and now rides with her dad, who is a former professional cyclist and a programmer. She has ridden 47 miles between Bristol and near Bath.

The invention of the unicycle in Britain was first attributed to James Bedford Elliott, who took the back wheel off a penny-farthing bicycle and invented it. 

Daisy learnt to ride a unicycle, starting in the kitchen holding the countertops for support

Daisy learned to ride a bicycle, beginning in the kitchen with the countertop support.