The Loose women panel clashed today when they debated whether Covid-19 lockdowns should only be for unvaccinated people.

Today’s program featured Coleen Nolan and Katie Piper as well as Jane Moore, Kelle Bryan, and Jane Moore discussing whether it was appropriate to impose restrictions for those who have not had the jab.

Katie claimed it would create a two-tier society, but Jane said that the government needs to be more persuasive to get people vaccinated. 

This debate is occurring as Austria considers a Covid-19 lockdown, which would only limit unvaccinated persons as new cases of the virus continue to mount. 

The Loose Women panel clashed today as they debated whether Covid-19 lockdowns should restrict unvaccinated people only - with Katie Piper suggesting it would make a 'two tier society'

Today’s Loose Women panel clashed as they debated whether Covid-19 lockdowns should be restricted to unvaccinated persons only. Katie Piper suggested that it would create a ‘two-tier society’. 

Katie started the discussion today by insisting that she believed it would be wrong. She stated: “I don’t believe discriminating against people who haven’t had vaccination. 

‘I believe it would cause more separation, more isolation in a section of society who are already isolated before-Covid and post-pandemic. 

“It worries my that it will set a precedent for other treatments, other jabs, and the freedom of choice it might take away from people.”

She pointed out that people who are receiving end of life care, those with learning disabilities and people with a severe allergy to all currently available vaccines  would be restricted under the rule.

However Jane Moore suggested the government 'needed to be more persuasive' to encourage people to get the jab

Jane Moore, however, suggested that the government should be more persuasive to encourage people to get a jab 

She said, “A large number of people in mine would be restricted from leaving their home or entering certain immunities.” It’s something I must stand up and deny.

Jane disagreed and stated that Jane believes people who are not vaccinated should not be locked down.

“What we’re referring to are anti-vaxxers – people who could have the vaccine.

“I’m like yours, I don’t agree. I don’t think we should make any distinction between people. But we need to be more persuasive.

“Otherwise we’re going to continue to face the same problem round and again.” I don’t think anyone wants to go back in lockdown again.

The panel was split over the debate, with Jane insisting that the public should be 'listening to people who are trained as doctors'

Jane insists that the public should listen to doctors who have been trained. 

Katie stated that she believed it would create a “two-tier” society. Jane however said, ‘We need to be more persuasive to get people to get their vaccines and then follow it up with a booster.

“When you have the medical director for NHS England, he is saying that the freedom we all now enjoy is the willingness to take jabs from patients.”

“Let’s listen people who have been trained as doctors.”

Coleen interrupted, saying that people have lost trust in it. I have to be honest, I understand your point. I’ve had my jabs. But I hate to say to people who don’t have it, that they should have it in a different area of society.

Meanwhile Coleen Nolan suggested people have 'lost trust' in the vaccination programme (pictured)

Coleen Nolan also suggested that people have lost faith in the vaccination program (pictured). 

Kelle said, ‘I don’t think you can take away peoples choices.  It’s not hard if your doing the right thing and you’re trying to do it right.  

Sajid Javid suggests 100,000 unvaccinated NHS staff could be FIRED. He admitted that he is ‘leaning towards” making Covid jabs mandatory for all doctors 

Under new plans being considered, the Government will tell NHS staff not vaccinated to get their Covid jabs.

Some 100,000 healthcare workers — or seven per cent — are still yet to show up for their first dose in England.

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, said that compulsory jabs were the ‘clear way to travel’, despite the fears that staff might leave the health service in a critical moment.

When asked if the plans could come in this winter, Mr Javid told Sky News: ‘I’m leaning towards doing it.’

He stated that patients who fail to get the jab are putting them in danger.

Sir Keir Sternmer, Labour leader, stated that forcing vaccination on doctors was a mistake and warned that it could worsen staffing shortages for nurses and doctors.

The ‘no job, no jab’ policy is already in effect in care homes. Staff who work in elderly residences will need to be notified by November 11.

Care bosses warn that many homes will have to close due to insufficient vaccinated workers.

Although vaccines are shown to dramatically reduce the risk of dying or being hospitalized from Covid, studies show that they are less effective at stopping the transmission.


It’s a shift in mindset. But also consider how that might impact others in the community.

Katie added: ‘I’m definitely thinking about others too though, I’m thinking of people in my life and my community  that aren’t just exempt but don’t want to have it.’ 

She said, “If you tell people that you’re exempt, it’s fine, you don’t need to do it. Doesn’t that make a mockery out of the concept?” 

“If these people would then make it go up and spread the word, even though they are exempt for legitimate reasons.

“I think it will get into dangerous territory, where people will need to state health conditions. People will also have to state private items from their past. 

“You might work with someone with an invisible disability that they are not willing to share.

Many viewers supported Katie in the argument, one of them writing: “We must be very cautious here. It sets a dangerous precedent if we start locking people up for making choices.

Another wrote: “I am double vaccinated, but I would vigorously protest the right to refuse it to people who do not want it.” We live in a society that allows for freedom of choice and does not discriminate.

It comes after Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced the news late on Friday during a meeting with state-level leaders to discuss a national response to increasing infection numbers.

Schallenberg stated, “The pandemic is not yet in our rearview mirror.” ‘We are about the stumble into a pandemic among the unvaccinated.

Schallenberg announced that, if the country’s Covid patients reach 500, or 25% of its total ICU capacity, then those who have been vaccinated will not be allowed into restaurants or hotels.

The government will place restrictions on non-vaccinated persons if the number reaches 600. In this scenario, they would only be allowed out of their homes for certain reasons.

Currently, there is 220 COVID patients enrolled in ICUs.

According to health authorities in Austria, there have been 20,408 new cases of the virus over the past week. This brings the average 7-day rate to 228.5 per 100,000.

That figure was 152.5 for every 100,000 people a week prior.

Despite Austria’s government encouraging citizens to get vaccinated in recent months, it has been slowing down. 

65.4 Percent of the total population have received one dose of vaccine and 62.2 Percent are fully vaccinated. 

Many of those watching the programme were stunned at the idea of locking down the unvaccinated

Many people who watched the program were shocked at the idea of locking down unvaccinated individuals