Jane Moore revealed that she would not air a public split-up online like Alice Evans. However, she said that she admired Alice Evans’ refusal to go quiet. 

Today’s episode of ITV’s Loose Women saw the panel discuss whether to be silent or openly announce a split in light of Alice Evan’s attack on her husband Ioan Gruffudd (48) and Bianca (29), moments after they shared a love-up photo on their respective social networks.

Jane said, “It depends on who you are, I suppose.” “My instinct, if that’s me, any similar to that, or anything else I feel is beyond my control, I’m like contain. contain. contain. contain! Sometimes I won’t tell my closest friends unless I feel that I have a fair measure of it and can present it to the wider world.

‘I would never do something like she has done but I look at her also, and I have a sneaking admiration. It is something that you do away quietly with and doesn’t show your dirty laundry in public. It’s a beautiful thing that I can see and I think, “oh yes, you’re not going quietly.”

‘I have a certain admiration at one level, but then I think about when there are kids involved in it and the repercussions of it. It really depends on who you are.  

Alice Evans, 50, launched her furious attack on the couple moments after both Ioan, 48, and Bianca, 29, shared a loved-up image on their respective social media accounts - as she accused the Liar actor of engaging in the romance for three years, while also claiming she was 'friends' with Bianca prior to the affair

Alice Evans, 50, launched a furious attack against the couple after Ioan, 48, shared a love-up photo on their respective social media accounts. She accused Bianca, 29 and Liar actor, of engaging in sex for three years while also claiming that she was ‘friends with Bianca before the affair.

Ioan made his romance with Bianca 'Instagram official' by sharing a beaming image showing him on-set alongside the caption: 'Thank you for making me smile again' (pictured)

Ioan made his love for Bianca official by sharing a beaming photo of him on-set with the caption: “Thank you so much for making me smile again” (pictured).

Jane Moore (pictured) said she would 'never have done' what Alice Evans has done by airing a public breakup online - and warned of the repercussions it may have when there are children involved

Jane Moore (pictured) stated that she would never have done what Alice Evans did by posting a public split online. She also warned of the possible repercussions for children involved.

Kaye Adams, presenter of Loose Women, said that she would ‘go within herself’ and Sunetra Sarker said that she would share her feelings with her inner circle.

Sunetra said, “You need friends at times like these to help you and counsel you.” “I have had friends in the past that helped me not to say things I didn’t mean when I wanted to lash out against someone who has hurt my feelings.””

“I also feel that I would like to say to them, let’s step out and think about five years down. Do you want to look back and be remembered as the person who did this? Aren’t they better than that? Aren’t they better than someone who wants them to say, “Look at how hurt I am” rather than “Look at how strong I’m?”

Jane continued to explain that many experts believe showing vulnerability is a sign of strength.

“I’m very similar to that and believe that if I show vulnerability it is a weakness. But I’ve learned over the years that maybe it isn’t a weakness and that was just me perception. She’s very vulnerable.

Sonia responded: “But it is about chanelling vulnerability and if there are the right support resources to help you do that.” 

Alice Evans met up with a pal on Wednesday, hours after her estranged husband Ioan Gruffudd and his new girlfriend Bianca Wallace went 'Instagram official'

Alice Evans met with a friend on Wednesday, just hours after Ioan Gruffudd, her estranged husband, and Bianca Wallace, his new girlfriend, went ‘Instagram oficial’.

Following her tangent, Alice later took to Twitter to insist using a public platform to vent had 'helped her' despite claims she was 'embarrassing herself', before vowing to 'stay away herewith'

Alice followed her tangent and later took to Twitter to insist that using a public forum to vent had benefited her despite claims she was embarrassing her self. Before vowing to stay away herewith’

Linda Robson said that she understood why Alice did it.

She said that he’s made to smile again by her, which makes it seem like his ex-wife has made a miserable life for him for the past few years. “So, that’s really sad. 

“When this has happened, I tend to get out of the way. I’ll go and think about what I want when I return.  

Kaye then asked the panellist what they would say to a friend in such a situation.

‘If you are a good friend, you will say what you want someone else to say to you. This is “Don’t do anything you might regret.” Or, if you do it, own it and know this will be out there forever,”‘ said Sunetra. 

Alice Evans launched her furious attack on the couple moments after both Ioan and Bianca shared a loved-up image on their respective social media accounts – as she accused the Liar actor of engaging in the romance for three years, while also claiming she was ‘friends’ with Bianca prior to the affair.  

Amy Douglas, a wardrobe assistant who was a friend and coworker with Ioan and Bianca on the Australian series Harrow, denied Alice’s claims in a series tweets. She accused Alice of being abusive and claimed they didn’t begin to speak until 2020 when filming began for series 3.

Linda Robson pointed out that she understands why Alice did it. Pictured, on Loose Women today

Linda Robson stated that she understood the reasons Alice did it. Pictured, today on Loose Women

Amy, who stated that Ioan and Bianca granted her permission to speak, stood by her friends after Alice claimed she had cheated on her for three consecutive years with the actress. Alice is 21 years her senior and told her fans she was a ‘lost and sorry’ woman.

Alice later wrote: ‘You completely and absolutely know that they began seeing each other before I was told he didn’t love me and wanted to divorce me. If you’re interested in this, we can help. But it’s not a great look to spit on the victim. Even for a fashion designer.’   

Alice spent hours responding with explosive claims and bold comments to the messages.

She continued her tangent by taking to Twitter to insist that using a public platform for venting had ‘helped’ her, despite claims that she was ’embarrassing’ herself. After vowing to stay away herewith’