The construction industry has seen many developments over the years, with composite materials that outperform traditional materials in every respect and as far as flooring goes, the real star is luxury vinyl. The finishes are simply stunning, with patterns of timber, stone and slate that are actually hi-res digital images printed onto a thin membrane, which is applied under the protective outer coating. Once the sheet has been created, it is then cut into square tiles and can be installed to recreate the complete pattern.


Luxury vinyl comprises of several layers; the core, which is made from compressed sawdust, a cork backing, the hi-res digital membrane and finally, the protective coating. The layers are criss-crossed for added tensile strength and vinyl is stainproof and ideal for wet environments, with cork backing for a soft and silent walking experience.

Installed on All Substrates

Whether concrete, screed or stone, luxury vinyl can be installed with or without backing and unless you happen to be a floor expert, this is a job for the industry professionals. Of course, the substrate must be correctly prepared before installing the vinyl and the tiles are easy to cut, leaving a perfect floor that will stand the test of time. If you would like to view luxury vinyl tiles, check out, a leading Thai supplier of premier flooring and building materials. There are numerous brands that offer amazing designs, whether you are into hardwood, marble or slate, the catalogue of finishes is extensive.

Amazing Durability

A luxury vinyl floor will outlast any other product and the finish never fades, cracks or peels and is very easy to keep clean. You can forget stains with a luxury vinyl floor, which makes it ideal for family homes and this flooring is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Many commercial venues make good use of luxury vinyl, as the material offers industrial strength, as well as appeal.

Plank Style Tiles

These are 6” wide and 36” long, making for easy installation and are ideal for timber designs, of which there are many. There are also tiles 7.2” wide and 48” long, which are suitable for larger areas, and if you would rather order the vinyl as sheeting, this is always an option. If the pandemic is getting you down, here are a few great book titles to look for.

Industrial Adhesives

These are used to install vinyl flooring and the team would first prepare a section of the floor, then install the tiles, working backwards, ensuring the floor is perfectly level. The professional floor installers have a range of adhesives, depending on the substrate and they have all the answers. Click here for Coronavirus updates in Thailand.

Online Solutions

Rather than risking Covid infection by looking for suppliers of luxury vinyl, simply search with Google for a local flooring company that works with luxury vinyl and you can select the design and place your order online, which will be delivered to your home address. Of course, the supplier would offer installation services, which is the recommended way to install premier vinyl flooring and with a long warranty, you can look forward to many years of trouble-free luxury flooring.