MAIL ON SUNDAY: Comment on Middle Britain by Boris

The political chaos of last week was disappointing for many who believe in Boris Johnson, and were encouraged by his enthusiasm and bustle. 

It is sad when a politician looks as though he is walking on water.

He has now climbed back out, but not without suffering some injuries. It is time to look closely at his bad advice and poor tactics that got him in this swamp. 

Many Conservative MPs dislike Kathryn Stone, the Parliamentary Commissioner of Standards. Some of their frustration is understandable. This is a natural outcome of the job description for the Commissioner.

Therefore, it was wrong to exploit that happiness by weakening Owen Paterson, the former Environment Secretary. 

Boris was engulfed in the worst crisis since his time at Downing Street. Boris could have mistakenly believed that he was trying for justice. This was an incredibly flawed perception.

Last week's miserable political mess was a bad experience for the many people who want to believe in Boris Johnson and are cheered up and inspired by his optimism, bustle and boosterism

People who are inspired and encouraged by Boris Johnson’s optimism, hustle and boosterism were disappointed last week in the political turmoil.

The public has no reason to excuse MPs for the great upheaval in parliamentary expenses that swept through Westminster a decade ago. 

For a job that is not particularly difficult, MPs get paid much more than voters. They cannot expect patience and mercy from those who seek additional income through paid lobbying.

However much sympathy Owen Paterson might have felt for the Premier, it was an ill-advised decision that will be criticized by taxpaying voters.

It is not like many scandals in politics. Our politicians will cause rage when they are seen with their noses in the trough. 

Labour’s ability to easily exploit a Tory government means that he must be resisted more than any other government. 

Many Tories are finding it very painful to have to accept that attacks on Labour MPs against them have been mostly just. Angela Rayner is able to score points for you.

This is particularly sad considering that the Government has made significant accomplishments, such as Brexit and the Covid vaccination roll-out. A clever head on the helm in the next year may also deliver additional achievements.

Now is the time to get your head back and take careful consideration of what advice you are giving. Boris works with many counsellors. Some are starting to lose touch with reality after nearly two decades of power. Willie Whitelaw, who intuitively knew the limits and limitations of power, was Margaret Thatcher’s trusted counsellor.

There is no such figure in the present government. Therefore, the Prime Minister should ensure his advisers have their feet planted on the ground. He must also be able to understand Middle Britain as the country’s source of power and best barometer for what will work best.