Majorca Airport is under lockdown. 20 passengers are forced to get off the plane after an alleged medical emergency. The flight was bound for Morocco and had to land. A Moroccan man claimed that he was ill, but a clean bill of health has been given by hospital.

  • Air Maroc flight diverted so passenger suffering diabetes could be taken off  
  • Police trying to locate people who ‘fled’ aircraft while normal activity suspended
  • Detours to Menorca and Ibiza for flights bound for islands
  • Moroccan man taken to Majorca’s Son Llatzer Hospital said to have disappeared

Majorca’s Palma Airport was closed after a runway invasion by passengers from a flight who had to land in an emergency.

Air Maroc Flight 20 passengers are reported to have left after the flight diverted to the island of the holidays. This was so that a diabetic passenger could get off the plane.

It was flying from Casablanca (Morocco) to Istanbul, Turkey.

On Friday, the companion of the Moroccan 34-year old man was said to have gone missing from Majorca’s Son Llatzer Hospital. He had been taken by the pilot to Majorca after declaring he was ill.

Majorca's Palma Airport has been closed following a reported runway invasion by passengers on a flight that had to make an emergency landing

Majorca’s Palma Airport is now closed due to a runway invasion from passengers aboard a flight which had to make an emergency landing.

Local reports claim that the patient at the center of the medical crisis had received a clear diagnosis from doctors.

Police are continuing to search for the other passengers – believed to range between 10-20 – who forced their way out the plane’s doors to get to the sick passenger.

The aircraft was allegedly smuggled by people unknown to police. All normal activities are suspended while officers search for them.

While the incident is being dealt with, flights bound for Majorca will be diverted to Menorca and Ibiza while they are investigated. 

A source told MailOnline: ‘I’m on a plane and have been stuck on the runway for two hours as the airport has gone into lockdown.

“Just before taking off, it was reported that an aircraft flying from Turkey to Morocco had made an emergency landing because of a diabetic passenger. 

“As soon as the plane arrived, 24 people raced off to escape the plane. Police are trying to locate them.

Around 20 people on an Air Maroc flight are said to have left the aircraft after it diverted to the holiday island so a passenger suffering diabetes could be taken off the plane

Air Maroc flights were reported to have carried around 20 passengers. The aircraft was diverted on to the holiday island in order to take off a diabetes patient.

A Twitter account of air traffic controllers read: “Queues in Palma and other possible diversions.

“Planes headed for the airport were stopped due to security concerns.

“It looks like a plane has just landed, and it could have passengers on its runway.”

Just before 8:30 p.m. local on Friday, the alarm went off.

However, it was unclear if any flight to the UK or Ireland were affected by the incident.

Aena Spanish Airports Authority confirmed that Palma de Majorca airport had been temporarily shut down following an incident where a plane crashed into it.