Man, 24, was arrested for terrorist offenses in connection to the Manchester Arena attack. He is now free on bail pending further investigations

  • The suspect was taken into custody at Manchester Airport immediately after arriving back in the UK. 
  • 22 people, including children, were killed in the terrorist attack on the Manchester Arena. 
  • The man, who hails from Manchester’s Fallowfield area, was arrested last night  

A suspect in terrorism offenses in connection to the Manchester Arena attack was arrested and has been released on bail pending further investigations.

Greater Manchester Police stated that the 24-year-old man was released last night.

The man, who was from Manchester’s Fallowfield, was arrested for allegedly participating in the preparation of acts terrorist/assisting others in acts terrorist preparation under section 5 of Terrorism Act (2006).

Shortly after returning to the UK, he was arrested at Manchester Airport.

A total of 22 people, many of them children, died in the terror attack at the Manchester Arena on May 22 2017. Pictured: Armed police stand guard outside the arena following the terror attack in 2017

In the terror attack on the Manchester Arena on 22 May 2017, 22 people died, many of them children. Pictured: Armed police stand guard at the arena after the terror attack in 2017.

In the terror attack on the Manchester Arena, 22 people, including several children, died.

Around 10.30pm on the incident day, Salman Abedi, 22 years old, from Britain, entered the arena foyer to detonate a device filled with shrapnel.

His brother Hashem was sentenced to a record 55 year term in August 2013 for his role in the atrocity.

The public inquiry into deaths of victims continues. It was discovered earlier this week, that Hashem’s elder brother Salman was allowed to leave country after he was stopped by police at the airport.

The terror attack claimed 22 lives at Manchester Arena and injured hundreds more

Manchester Arena was attacked by terrorists, killing 22 people and injuring hundreds more. 

Counter-terrorism officers interviewed Ismail Abedi (28), which caused him to miss his flight from Manchester on August 28. However, he boarded a plane at the airport on August 29 and hasn’t returned to the UK since.

He had been called to testify at the public inquiry into atrocity.

Ahmed Taghdi (199), a former friend of Salman Abdel Rahman, was arrested Monday after he tried to flee the country following a High court order last week that required him to attend.

He gave evidence on Thursday, before he was released from custody.

To avoid questions about his relationship with the bomber, and what he knew regarding the plot against the Manchester Arena, he said he did not try to flee the UK.

The attack was committed by Salman Abedi (pictured), and aided by Hashem Abedi, 24, who was jailed for life last year

Salman Abedi (pictured) was the one who committed the attack. He was assisted by Hashem Abedi (24), who was sentenced to life imprisonment last year.