After 2,000 people signed up for Nicola Sturgeon’s Hogmanay Party on Facebook, and 700 confirmed their attendance, a 33-year-old man was arrested. This is amid backlash against the SNP’s Covid curbs

  • According to police, the man in question was arrested for communication offenses
  • Gillian, the sister of the First Minister, reported that the proposed party had been made to police officers.
  • The move comes amid business frustration at new Sturgeon restrictions

After nearly 2,000 people registered for a Facebook invitation inviting them to a Hogmanay celebration at Nicola Sturgeon’s home in Glasgow, a 33-year old man was arrested. 

Police Scotland has confirmed that tonight, the man was taken into custody and charged with communication offences. Then, he was bailed so that he could appear in court later.

Proposed party said it would be “bringing the celebrations… to sturgeons”, with invites featuring photo of Scotland’s First Minister smiling on a swing in a park.

700 individuals confirmed their participation on the page. It has been removed since. Over 1,100 other people expressed interest in attending, despite Covid restrictions.

Gillian Sturgeon, the sister of Ms Sturgeon, made the report to police about the incident and who was behind it.

A 33-year-old man has been arrested after nearly 2,000 people signed up to a Facebook event inviting people to a Hogmanay party at Nicola Sturgeon's house in Glasgow

Nearly 2,000 people had signed up for a Facebook page inviting them to a Hogmanay Party at Nicola Sturgeon’s Glasgow home. A 33-yearold man was then arrested.

The proposed party claimed it would be 'bringing the celebrations to sturgeons', with the invite featuring a photo of Scotland's First Minister grinning on a park swing

A party was planned that would ‘bring the celebrations to the sturgeons’. The invitation featured a photograph of Scotland’s First Minister smiling in a park swing.

What Omicron curbs announced Nicola Sturgeon?

Nicola Sturgeon has announced a number of new curbs against coronavirus in Scotland, which will take effect following Christmas. 

These are:

Three weeks after Boxing Day, large-scale live public events will become ‘effectively spectator free’. Indoor standing events will have a 100-person limit, while indoor seated events will allow for 200 people. Outdoor events will see 500 standing or seated. They will impact the way football matches are played, even though they do not affect private life events such as weddings. 

Big Hogmanay parties on New Years Eve are forbidden due to restrictions on live crowds 

Restaurants and bars that offer alcohol-only service will resume table service from December 27. This is also the initial period of three weeks. In-house hospitality venues and leisure venues must ensure that there is a one-metre separation between groups.    

From December 27 to the beginning of January, people are being asked not to have any social contact with anyone. Ms Sturgeon stated that people should “stay at home as often as possible” and maintain physical distance from others.  

According to her, she told The Sun that “My sister’s address has been shared on social media for an event about a new year party.”

“Police were informed of your identity.” This is in case you’re reading it. You are probably in for a wonderful Christmas.

Police Scotland spokesperson stated that the 33-year-old was charged with communication offences. 

“He has been released with the promise to return to court at another date.” 

It comes after Ms Sturgeon this week cancelled large scale New Year celebrations in Scotland as she unveiled additional coronavirus restrictions to slow the spread of the Omicron variant, prompting business leaders to accuse her of giving firms ‘a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking’. 

According to the Scottish First Minister, there have been 9 new deaths. 5.242 Positive Tests in the Last 24 Hours, a decrease of the 6,734 cases recorded yesterday, as she said official advice for Christmas Day remains unchanged, with people allowed to meet with family but urged to be cautious. 

Three weeks from now, there will be attendance limitations for live public events. These will ruin Hogmanay.

These limits do not apply to private events, such as weddings. Ms. Sturgeon explained that the indoor seating limit for standing indoor events is 100 and 200 respectively, while for indoor events seated indoors it will be 200. Outdoor events are 500 or more. 

This effectively means that Boxing Day soccer and other sports matches in Scotland are now spectator-free.  

Ms Sturgeon said also that, starting December 27, the Scottish Government would advise people to stop having too many social connections. However, a requirement to provide table service will continue for three weeks to all hospitality establishments serving alcohol. 

“Difficult as it may be, follow these guidelines over the New Year.” She concluded. Hogmanay partying should be minimized as much as possible.

In all indoor leisure and hospitality settings, there will be a one-metre requirement to socially distain adults. Nightclubs will be forced to close due to this rule and the limit of 100 people for indoor events. 

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce stated that the restrictions are ‘another hammer punch’ for companies and will be viewed by many as ‘another hammer strike’.As if they were receiving a lump or coal as a Christmas gift’.