38-year old man is accused of murdering 47 year old company director. The victim’s family claims it is too much that “she was taken away from them”

  • Antanas Jakauskas 38, Wookey Somerset was taken into custody 
  • His murder charge is against him for the death of Sarah Ashwell, whose remains were found at her house
  • In a tribute, the family of Sarah said that she had left so much to live.

Today’s court appearance saw a suspect indicted for the murder of a company director. Her ‘devastated family’ claims that it was ‘unbearable. 

Antanas Jakauskas 38 of Wookey Somerset used a Lithuanian interpreter for his confirmation of name and birth date when he arrived at Taunton Magistrates Court. 

He has been charged with the murder of Sarah Ashwell, 47,  who was formally identified as the victim of a ‘suspicious death’ after her body was found at her home in Wells, Somerset, last weekend. 

Sarah Ashwell (pictured), 47, was formally identified as the victim of a 'suspicious death' after her body was found at home in Wells, Somerset, last weekend

Sarah Ashwell, 47, was officially identified as the victim in a “suspicious” death after her body was discovered at her home in Wells (Spain) last weekend

Antanas Jankauskas, 38, of Wookey, Someset, spoke through a Lithuanian interpreter to confirm his name and date of birth when he appeared in custody at Taunton Magistrates Court

Antanas Jankauskas (38), of Wookey in Someset spoke to a Lithuanian interpreter through which he confirmed his birth date and name when he was taken into custody by Taunton Magistrates Court

Emma Lenanton (prosecuting) and Natasha Steele, defence solicitor, were both present at the hearing.

Jankauskas is currently being held in custody and due to make his appearance at Bristol Crown Court Tuesday, November 16, 2016.

Sarah’s family paid tribute to Sarah earlier by releasing a statement saying: “We are completely devastated by the loss of Sarah, whom we all love so much.

“Nothing will prepare you for this terrible news, and we are deeply heartbroken. Sarah still had so many years of her life to live.

Paying tribute earlier, Sarah's family said in a statement: 'We are absolutely devastated by what has happened to Sarah, who we all loved so very much'

Sarah’s family released a statement earlier to pay tribute: ‘We’re absolutely devastated at the loss of Sarah. She was someone we loved dearly.

“It’s unbearable to think about her being taken from me and taken from my family.

“We have been overwhelmed by all the kind, loving messages of support that our loved ones and friends posted to social media over the past few days.

“It is comforting to remember how much she was loved by all of us and the affection that many others have for her.”

Gary Haskins (detective superintendent), is leading the inquiry. Haskins described the investigation’s pace as fast-moving but complex.

He stated that Sarah was loved by her mother, father and friends.

“Our family liaison officer are there to support the parents of her two children. Our thoughts and best wishes are with all members. In their grief, we ask for privacy and consideration.

“This complex, fast-moving investigation requires a lot of attention and is currently being investigated from many angles. Thank you to all who have contacted us for information and shared CCTV footage. We also enjoyed speaking to officers about house-to-house enquiries.

According to the force, it also made a mandatory formal referral (IOPC) to the Independent Office for Police Conduct due to Sarah’s last police contact.