Photographs taken above of an old Italian village reveal its unique shape, which bears a striking resemblance with a human face.

Centuripe on Sicily was captured from the sky by a drone. It revealed its 5-pointed shape.

To show the whole town’s shape, the photographer took multiple photos and stitched them together.

These aerial photos show four longer sections of buildings that are moving in opposite directions, akin to limbs. The fifth shorter stretch is the head.

Pio Andrea Peri (32 years old) was the first to capture the human form of the city using a drone.

Seeing an opportunity, he flew his drone as high as he could above Centuripe – found around 40 miles from Enna – and began taking pictures. 

Centuripe, a small town on the island of Sicily, was photographed from the air by a drone, revealing its five-pointed shape (pictured)

Centuripe is a tiny town located on Sicily’s island. A drone captured Centuripe from above, showing its unique five-pointed shape.

The shape of the town has been likened to many things, including a person, a five-pointed star, a swallow with spread wings and Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

It has been described as looking like a number of things: a person; a star with five points, a bird with spread wings; Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

“It was hard to create,” he stated. ‘I had to use multiple shots because of the height limit of the drone.’ 

The shape of the town has been likened to many things, including a person, a five-pointed star, a swallow with spread wings and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. 

Pio shared the images on his Instagram, but some people couldn’t believe what they saw. They even accused Pio for doctoring the images.

“The bizarre appearance of the town shocked the world. Many believed it to be false and thought I had created the image on my PC.

“But they realized the truth when searching Google Earth, many of them personally apologized for their words.

“I was proud to take the photos and am happy with them. I consider myself a self-taught person, so I really believe in what they do.

Pio studied every detail to be sure high winds didn’t hinder him getting the right shot.

Centuripe, an ancient city with fewer than 5,000 residents, is located in Enna province near the Etna volcano. 

Man City: The aerial pictures reveal four longer stretches of buildings jetting off in different directions - like limbs - and a shorter fifth one that makes up the 'head'

Man City: Aerial photos reveal that four buildings extend in longer distances, like limbs. There is also a fifth which runs along the “head”.

Now, Pio has been invited by the Mayor of Pio to show his incredible photographs after they left the internet stunned.

Pio said that it was difficult to capture and required multiple shots due to the drone’s height limits.

“I added about 18 images manually to post production. This took 2 hours editing. I’m happy with the end result.  

Pio Andrea, 32-year-old local drone photographer, discovered the human structure of the town by looking at it in Google Earth. Pictured: This map shows the layout of the town as well its exact location.

Centuripe was built on a hill, about 2,400 feet above sea level, giving it a defensive position about halfway between Catania and Enna.

It is believed that the layout of the city dates back to 16th-century. The town is also known for its charming alleyways for animal transportation.

It is divided into transversal sectors, with its narrow streets and winding steps that descend into a valley separating multi-storied terraced houses.

You can see the iconic Mount Etna from the top, along with sprawling views across the countryside.

Due to its high position, Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi called Centuripe ‘the balcony of Sicily’.