Manchester City players celebrated their dramatic Premier League title success with an open-top bus parade.

Following Monday’s stunning victory over Aston Villa, thousands of Manchester fans came out to greet their heroes. 

Steven Gerrard had led with a score of 2-0, but City took control and scored three goals in just five minutes. It was through Rodri’s Ilkay Gundogan brace, as well as Rodri that City won their fourth title in five season. They were only one point ahead of Liverpool.

Manchester City is celebrating their fifth league title after five seasons

Riyad Mahrez and Jack Grealish take photos during the bus parade while captain Fernandinho is keeping a close grip on the Premier League trophy which they won after a dramatic final day

Jack Grealish and Riyad Mahrez take photographs during the bus parade, while Fernandinho keeps a tight grip on the trophy for the Premier League. They won it after an exciting final day

Pep Guardiola, who described his squad as legends, enjoyed a cigar during the celebrations

Pep Guardiola enjoyed a cigar at the celebrations. He described his team as legendary.

Grealish and Kevin De Bruyne raise their thumbs up for the camera while they enjoy a drink

Grealish, Kevin De Bruyne and their drink-loving friends raise their thumbs in front of the camera

Rodri who contributed towards City's comeback sprays a drink at the crowds gathered

Rodri contributes to City’s return sprays water at the crowds

Thousands of fans fathered on the streets of Manchester to welcome their title-winning heroes

Manchester was home to thousands of supporters who gathered on the streets to greet their champions.

Ederson during the bus parade after a season in which he shared the Golden Gloves award

After a season where he received the Golden Gloves award, Ederson was present at the bus parade

A Manchester City fan climbs onto a bus stop to get the best view of the bus parade

Manchester City supporter climbs on a bus stop for the best views of the bus parade

Thousands of fans gathered alongside the 1.5km route through the streets of Manchester

Many thousands of people crowded the 1.5km route that ran through Manchester streets.

Manchester City fans wave flags as they await in anticipation for their heroes to come by

Manchester City supporters wave flags in anticipation of their heroes arriving

At 6 p.m., the parade began from the National Football Museum. Jubilant fans lined the streets cheering on Pep Guardiola.

Fernandinho kept an eye on his trophy for the Premier League as the bus traveled along 1.5km through the center of the city. This is his last act before leaving the club this summer.

Jack Grealish, Kevin De Bruyne and other players were enjoying themselves while they enjoyed a cocktail in the amazing atmosphere.

Rodri gave his drink to the supporters, while others were seen taking pictures and videos on smartphones of those in the street. 

Bernardo Silva and Riyad Mahrez take a photo with the trophy in front of the club's supporters

Riyad Mahrez and Bernardo Silva pose with the trophy before the supporters.

Kyle Walker enjoys a drink as he rubs the hair of inspirational midfielder De Bruyne

Kyle Walker sips a beer while he rubs De Bruyne’s hair.

Oleksandr Zinchenko celebrates with the trophy after making a big impact against Villa

Oleksandr Ziinchenko celebrating with the trophy, after making a significant impact against Villa

Jack Grealish celebrates with a bottle of beer as he is pictured alongside a club mascot

Jack Grealish enjoys a beer with friends as he’s pictured beside a club mascot

Supporters gathered for a stage show with the bus parade finishing off at Deansgate

The bus parade ended at Deansgate, and supporters gathered to watch the show.

Blue fares are let off while supporters waited for the bus parade to reach Deansgate

Supporters waited while the bus parade reached Deansgate. Blue fares are released.

Deansgate was where the parade ended. Players were scheduled to present themselves on stage around 7pm.

The bus stopped and players were treated to Queen’s rendition “We are the Champions”, with many fans joining the chorus.

Kevin De Bruyne was admitted to being a ‘little drunk’ during the parade. He enjoyed the celebrations.

“I’m a bit drunk,” he said. To do this fourth time is unbelievable. It was impossible for us to do this last year due to Covid, but it was amazing to have so many people celebrate with us.

We did it the City Way, despite feeling like we had lost it 10 seconds later. It feels so sweet now.

“Thank you for the amazing atmosphere and the game. Have a great summer! 

Rodri who scored  the equaliser during the game said: ‘I don’t know who to say the feelings, so emotional and we deserved to win the title. It was always our belief that it was possible to come back from behind with only 20 minutes left. We’re proud of the team, whether we play or not.

Guardiola acknowledges the fans with his coaching staff as he enjoyed his cigar

Guardiola thanks his coaches for their support as he enjoys his cigar.

Players and supporters joined together in a rendition of 'We are the Champions' by Queen

In a performance of Queen’s ‘We are the Champions”, players and their supporters came together to perform the song.

“I love the City. The crowd is my favorite part of it. England is amazing and Manchester is fantastic.

John Stones said: “It’s hard to control when and where you play, but finishing at home is amazing. It makes all the difference. 

“Everyone felt frustrated for 45-50 minutes, but it was a great thing to keep going and make it through.

It feels like everyone is one team. We did it’

Oleksandr Zinchenko, a substitute who was celebrated on social media with Ilkay Gundogan, made an enormous impact from the bench.

After the match, the full-back felt emotional as players hugged and wrapped the Ukrainian flag around his trophy for the Premier League.

Ilkay Gundogan came off the bench to score twice during Manchester City's 3-2 victory

Ilkay Gundogan, a Manchester City player, scored two goals during the 3-2 win.

Man City lifted the trophy on Sunday after winning the title by just one point to Liverpool

Man City was the winner of the title, just 1 point behind Liverpool. Man City took the trophy home on Sunday

During the parade, He stated that it had been an extraordinary day and that he was proud to be part of this club. It is a tribute to the fans.

“At 2:0 everyone was disappointed. Once we had scored one goal, we decided to push on and the crowd was incredible. It was a journey of faith that we took and it paid off.

Manchester City was looking bleak as Phillipe Coutinho and Matty Cash gave them a 2-0 advantage.

Guardiola won the city with goals by Rodri, Gundogan and others – 10 years after winning their first Premier League title in the same way against QPR.  

Guardiola called his team ‘legends after this league victory’.

Guardiola stated that his players would be’remembered’ because of their successes on Sunday. Guardiola added: “When you win in the Premier League here in Brazil four times in five season, it is because these men are so, very special.”