“Today is the day”: A 44-year-old father hunts his ex-wife via Facebook Live, before killing her and then shooting himself. This was a result of years-long custody disputes.

  • Rajaee shot Tara Labang (44), his ex-girlfriend on Saturday afternoon
  • After that, he started to film himself outside Wendy Black’s place. 
  • My ex-girlfriend was just shot in her head. It was like it was a dream.  His ex-wife, she is next and then I will do it myself,’ he stated on Facebook Live
  • Wendy can be seen opening the front door to the house while her husband is standing outside. 
  • The camera recorded him saying: “Oh, there’s my ex wife there.” He then went inside shouting: “Today is the day” before it was cut.
  • Soon after, police found the bodies of both victims in their home.
  • Black had put the children of the couple in their car and they weren’t hurt
  • He bragged that he was in custody dispute with the two women 
  • Wendy received multiple complaints of domestic violence against him  

Baltimore Anesthetist killed his ex-girlfriend, shot her in the head and confessed on Facebook Live. He then shot himself in self-inflicted murder on Saturday. This was after many years of custody disputes. 

Rajaee (44), was an nurse practitioner anesthetist from Baltimore, Maryland. She was fired in the midst of a dispute at her workplace. 

On Saturday, he took to Facebook Live to announce that he had just murdered Tara Labang, his 41-year-old ex-girlfriend, and that his wife was ‘next’. 

“I just shot my ex girlfriend in the head. It was like living in a dream. That was the man I dreamed of becoming. 

‘I can’t go to prison, so the person that really started my depression and all of this is my ex-wife. Then, she was the next. Then I’m going to do myself too,’ he said in the sickening footage. 

Outside Wendy’s residence, he said to himself: “Oh there’s mine ex-wife here.” 

Rajaee Black, 44, filmed himself confessing to murdering his ex-girlfriend who he 'shot in the head' on Saturday while standing outside his estranged wife's house. He then went inside and shot the wife before killing himself

Rajaee Black (44), filmed himself confessing that he had murdered his ex-girlfriend while standing in front of the house. The 44-year-old Rajaee Black then entered the house and killed his ex-girlfriend. 

He panted the camera towards the front porch. There, he saw her quickly opening and closing the doors. Then he entered the home. 

Before the video ends, you can hear him saying “Today’s The Day.” 

The bodies of the couple were discovered by police in the home within a few minutes. The children of the couple were safe and sound in his gray SUV. 

Their age is unknown. 

He’s believed to have first put Wendy’s children into the car, then killed Wendy. 

Rajaee stated in his rant that he was involved with custody disputes for the women. 

According to the Baltimore Sun, court records show that there are a series of domestic abuse claims and disputes regarding custody between him and Wendy. However, it is not clear if Tara has any similar trail. 

The first woman he killed was his ex-girlfriend Tara Labang, 41, who was found dead in her home. It's unclear when they dated but they worked together at University Health Maryland

The first woman he killed was his ex-girlfriend Tara Labang, 41, who was found dead in her home. It's unclear when they dated but they worked together at University Health Maryland

Tara Labang (41), his ex-girlfriend, was the first victim he murdered. She was discovered dead at her house. While it’s not known when they met, they both worked at University Health Maryland.

Wendy Black opened the door of her home seconds before she was shot dead. It was captured on the Facebook Live

Wendy Black opened her door seconds before being shot. This was recorded on Facebook Live 

One of her Facebook friends suggested that she was a mom.

Rajaee was a Baltimore nurse practitioner who administered anesthesia to patients during surgical procedures. Rajaee has been in Baltimore since earlier this year. 

Both his ex-wife, and ex-girlfriend, were nurses. 

Rajaee Black was also a nurse anesthetist

Rajaee Black worked also as an nurse anesthetist. 

He complained earlier this year that he had been fired, claiming the University of Maryland Medical System terminated him unfairly after he blew the whistle on a doctor who was stashing drugs in his locker. 

According to him, after this, no one would want to work with them. After the COVID-19 pandemic, in New York City, he felt compelled to ‘risk his own life’ as a nursing assistant. 

Tara worked for Rajaee, the University of Maryland Capital Region Health at least for a time. 

We are saddened to learn of the unfortunate incident that occurred following the death of our team member. He was a registered nurse at our hospital and had a contracted with a physician.

A spokesman for the family said that they extend their deepest condolences and offer grief counselling to colleagues in her wake. 

Wendy worked as a nurse at Howard County General Hospital as a nurse anesthetist. 

Unknown is how many children Black had or their age.