The shocking moment that criminals throw drug over a prison fence to release inmates from their back gardens is this.

Masked thugs can be seen throwing packages of heroin, cannabis and cocaine over the prison’s twenty-foot security wall. They also enter a prisoner recreation zone.

Many residents have shared their stories of how they are afraid their children will go into their garden because the criminals from London gangs target them on a weekly basis during their recreation time.

Gang members have been reported as texting Essex convicts at Chelmsford Prison to schedule pick-up times. They also used the local primary school to launch drug-throwing activities.

CCTV footage of a local resident captures a man in a hooded suit climbing up a garden fence at 9:30 am, carrying a shopping bag believed to contain drug parcels.

In all black, the man picks up the drugs from his bag and throws them towards the prison.

Another video shows criminals entering a garden in the middle of the night, apparently to throw drugs into prison cells by using oranges and potatoes.

A mother-of-three caught drug gangs throwing drugs into her backyard said that she didn’t feel safe at home.

‘It’s a b***** nightmare. It shouldn’t be this way.

She asked for anonymity and said that she needed something to safeguard her and her children. They won’t be allowed to go in the garden.

“If we phone the police before they arrive they’re gone.”

“We have had teenagers jump our fence and garden gate.” They’re scaring the s*** out of my kids.’

A neighbor was seen punching an intruder to his backyard before running away with a knife.

A resident's CCTV footage shows one hoodie-clad thug climbing over a garden fence at 9.30am with a plastic shopping bag believed to be filled with drug parcels

CCTV footage of a local resident shows a man in a hooded suit climbing up a garden fence at 9:30 am. He is carrying a shopping bag containing suspected drug packets.

It is thought that packages wrapped in cling paper and parcel tape are brought into prison’s recreation areas during mid-morning to allow inmates an opportunity for an outside break.

These drug packs are small and cylindrical in shape, which is apparently so that inmates can conceal them within their rectum. They are also weighed with penny coins, to aid them through the air to the prison.

Former prison guard claimed that drug-throwing gangs in London are responsible. This has been going on for over 15 years.

According to the guard who requested anonymity, he said that it had been ongoing for many years, and even years before he started working there.

“The prison is pretty hot on this tho because they have people who search the fences, but you’ll find that there are a lot more London gangs coming down to try and get in prison.

Although police tried to disarm the gangs, they waited outside semi-detached properties when they attacked. Locals believe that the criminals recognize these vehicles.

Chelmsford Prison is a Category A institution that houses approximately 700 inmates. It also has a Young Offenders Institution.

According to prison watchdog, HMP Chelmsford was suffering from ‘chronic weaknesses’ and the supply of drugs was a clear threat’.

Anecdotal evidence has been found in the past amongst prisoners that included heroin, cannabis and cocaine.

The crime gangs focused mainly on Springfield Park Road gardens, which is parallel to the prison.

A hooded figure climbs over a garden fence with a 'drug-filled' parcel, purportedly for inmates in jail

One hooded man climbs over the garden fence carrying a parcel filled with drugs. This is purportedly to be for prisoners in jail.

Julia Frascona, Councillor said police had to fight a constant battle against drug-throwers. She added that they used Springfield Primary School’s grounds as well.

“It has been an issue, and it will continue to be an issue,” she said. Communication is taking place from both inside and outside of the prison.

“They target areas within the prison where these kinds of things can be taken.” This sounds very scary considering the security and school at the location.

“As far and I am aware, the perimeter patrols are used by both police officers and prison personnel.”

The prison service and police met earlier in the month with residents to discuss drug throwing and other concerns.

Three Essex Police officers were arrested earlier in the year for attempting to throw drugs into the prison.

Councillor Julia Frascona said: 'It's been an issue and continues to be an issue. There's communication going on from inside and outside the prison'

Julia Frascona was a councillor. Communication is taking place from both inside and outside of the prison.

Madeline, a 62-year-old resident, stated that drug gang members often arrive at homes wearing a black puffer jacket and jogging pants, as well as a mask.

“It is scary to think that they could suddenly appear in your yard,” she said.

They used to jump over the fence, then throw their things.

The worrying part is that you would have to act if the situation was dire.

They jump over the fence and race into the backyard. After a while, they throw the boxes into the prison ground and are then picked up by a driver.

One resident, Madeline, 62, said the gang members throwing the drugs often arrived at houses wearing a black puffer jacket, jogging bottoms and a mask

Madeline, a 62-year-old resident, stated that the gang members who were throwing drugs arrived at her house wearing a black puffer coat, jogging bottoms, and a mask.

Madeline said: 'It's scary that you could by in your garden and they suddenly appear'

Another resident has been forced to install a two-foot extension to her garden gate to stop the thugs from jumping over

Madeline stated that it was scary to think of them suddenly appearing in your yard. To stop the thieves jumping, another resident had to add a 2-foot extension to her gate.

The masked thugs were seen hurling packages containing heroin, cannabis, cocaine and other drugs over the prison's 20-foot security wall and into a prisoner recreation area

Masked thugs were seen throwing packages of heroin, cannabis and cocaine over the prison’s twenty-foot security wall. They also hurled them into a prisoner recreation zone.

A second resident was forced to add a 2-foot extension to her gate in order to prevent the thieves from climbing over it.

According to the 56-year old, who did not want to be identified, they had contacted both the police and prison but were never retorted.

“The prisoner are free from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. – this is when we can watch out for throwers.

“I watched them throw packages from my window. It’s easy to see all the packages, one, two and three. There are many.

“Someone once saw them throwing 40 packages.”

One resident asked the prison to move the prisoners’ recreation area away from their gardens. However, they were denied.

For comment, the Ministry of Justice as well as Essex Police were reached.