Man caught on camera as he sexually assaults woman in west London. He then runs away

  • CCTV footage from Southall in west London shows a young man assaulting a woman.
  • He film himself closely following her, before he groped her from behind 
  • The woman, walking alone, suddenly turns around and appears to scream in shock  

CCTV footage captured the moment that a young man assaulted and abused a woman walking alone on a residential street.

Yesterday at 4.04pm, a video online shows a man following closely behind his female companion as she walks through Southall, west London. 

The man approaches her from behind and then uses his phone to record the moment that he grabs her bottom.

A homeowner’s CCTV camera captured the assault. 

Wearing a navy blue zip-up jumper and blue jeans, the male approached the woman holding his phone to record the moment

He faces the phone to the woman's back as he gets close to her and grabs her from behind

The video of the male subject, which was recorded on Wednesday October 27, shows him as a teenager schoolboy.

The unknown male accelerated up just before attacking the woman, wearing a navy zip-up jumper with dark blue jeans.

You can see her turning around to face him as he crosses the street and sprints away. 

She moves her bottom to the side by moving her arm backwards.

The footage from West London was shared by a Southall community group

Southall Community Group shared the footage from West London.

After following closely behind the woman as she walked looking at her phone, he used his own mobile phone to record himself assaulting her

As the woman walked, he followed her closely and recorded himself assaulting her using his mobile phone.

The woman swipes her arm backwards when the male touches her from behind, before he quickly runs away as she tries to get a look of him

The male touches her from behind. The woman quickly turns her arm to the side and swiches her arm backwards.

He turns to face her, and she speeds up, looking like she is trying help him identify himself.

The woman was wearing a black and red printed jacket with a scarf when the male grabbed her.

While the identity and motive of the attacker are not known, social media users suggest that he was a teenager.