One man is killed in a car that was driven off the South Tyneside cliffs.

  • Northumbria Police confirm the death of Marsden Grotto, South Shields
  • Witnesses reported seeing a car on the ocean floor to the emergency services.
  • RNLI and Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service launched a search effort 
  • The scene is captured in photos. A crumpled car appears washed on rocks.

After his vehicle fell off the cliffs of South Tyneside’s coast, a man was found unconscious in his car.

Northumbria Police were called at 12.20 on Wednesday to confirm the death.

Three days prior to Christmas, the tragic discovery was made after witnesses reported that they had seen a car in South Shields’ Marsden Grotto.   

The area was searched and rescued by several teams, including the RNLI Lifeboat Service and Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.

The scene is captured in photos. A crumpled car black appears washed up against jagged rocks on the bottom.

While they conducted their investigation, officers were also seen closing the area around the cliff’s edge.  

Northumbria Police spokeswoman said that a spokesperson for the force stated: “At 12.20 on Wednesday, we were alerted to a report by the public regarding a vehicle seen in South Shields’ Marsden Grotto.

The scene was attended by emergency services.

Northumbria Police confirmed the death of a man whose vehicle plunged off a cliff edge (pictured) on Wednesday

Northumbria Police announced the death Wednesday of a man killed when his car fell off a cliff (pictured). 

Photos from the scene show a crumpled black car washed up on jagged rocks at the bottom of the cliff (pictured)

Photographs from this scene show a car in crumpled black washed up on the jagged rocks below the cliff.

Elsewhere police were seen closing off the access area to the cliff edge as they carried out their investigation (pictured)

As they were conducting their investigations, police officers also closed off access to the cliff edge (pictured). 

A man was later found dead in the car by police officers.

This death is being considered normal.

According to a spokesperson, they also found a dead man in the vehicle. 

“His next-of-kin were notified. 

‘There is not believed to have been any third party involvement and a report will be made for the coroner.’

‘Anyone with information or who witnessed what happened is asked to contact Northumbria Police on’