Meet Keith, the feline felon. Keith has a disturbing criminal record and terrorizes a community. He even brings home a bong as well as a bag full of white powder.

  • Keith, the cat responsible for several thefts in Christchurch suburb
  • Five-year-old black cat stole shoes, clothing, underwear, and live eels.
  • He brought home a bong & zip-lock bag of white powder to his horrified owners 
  • Owners Ginny & David leave a box of the stolen items at the front of their home

An infamous kleptomaniac cat has terrorized a New Zealand neighborhood by carrying out a series of burglaries. 

Keith, a black five-year old cat has stolen items from Christchurch’s quiet suburb street for three years. 

Ginny Rumbold and David Rumbold are aware of stolen goods such as a shirt from a corrections officer, pants with black lacing, bras and shoes, and even live eels. 

Recent weeks have seen his criminal behavior spiral, with the feline bringing back a bong along with a zip-lock bag that contained white powder. 

Keith, a five-year-old black cat, (pictured) has been stealing from neighbours in Christchurch for the last three years

Keith, a 5-year-old black cat (pictured), has been taking from Christchurch neighbors for the past three years. 

Keith once terrorized even a local tradie who used to weight down Keith’s steel-toed boots using 2.5kilogramweights.  

After his recent haul of stolen goods, Ginny & David were horrified and are unsure how to stop him thieving. 

Stuff was told by a spokesperson for the police that they had been “playing a little bit of cat-and-mouse with this prolific offender.” 

‘Of particular concern is Keith’s latest find – an implement used to smoke cannabis. Keith’s latest find – an implement used to smoke cannabis – will be confiscated and we’ll speak with him about it. 

Keith enters houses through cat doors and windows in the middle of the night, grabbing whatever he can. 

Owners Ginny (pictured) and David Rumbold leave containers of Keith's stolen goods at the front of their property for neighbours to collect their items

Ginny (pictured above) and David Rumbold left Keith’s stolen items at the front gate of their home for neighbors to take their goods. 

Ginny said that Keith loves shoes and he labelled them Nike or Adidas. 

Keith sometimes brings home six or more items at a time. Sometimes his haul can be so large that he cannot get through the cat door so he just dumps it onto the deck or driveway. 

“I suggested that he should have diamonds, and cash, but this has not happened yet,” she stated. 

Keith’s desperate owners tried to impose home detention upon him. They stripped the Christmas tree of its decorations and scattered ornaments throughout their house. 

A pair of containers containing Keith’s loot are displayed at the front gate of their Hoon Hay home, alongside an apology letter addressed to any neighbours that come to retrieve their belongings. 

There isn’t any bad blood among neighbors who enjoy the cat’s antics.

After researching Keith’s behaviour, Ginny speculates he may have some Burmese genes – a breed that can become bored very quickly and seek out mischief when there is no one to play with.

Purina Australia describes them as “dog cats” due to their remarkable ability to retrieve objects and intelligentness in opening doors.  

Ginny said, “He has just the cheeks of Joe,”