Money is a conversation starter! Man is SLAMMED online for “judging” and “embarrassing” his Tinder date, who paid for her portion of the meal with coins

  • After mocking his date, Danny Duarte was rumored to be from the US. 
  • Recorded footage of the woman paying for her bill at a restaurant with coins 
  • Many were angry at Danny’s actions and claimed that “money is money”. 

A man caused a stir online by mocking his Tinder date for using coins to pay for their meal. 

Danny Duarte, who is thought to be from the US, posts on TikTok with the name waterboy. He previously went on a date at a golf range along with the woman in the question.

The couple went out for dinner on their second date. However, he was amused when she paid the bill in loose change.  

Alongside the clip where he can be seen shaming the woman, he penned: ‘On a second date with Tinder girl and she’s paying with coins. I decided to go out again with her and she does it…You can’t make that up!

The footage shows Danny playing with his beard, rolling his eyes, and then focusing on the woman who is counting coins on the table. This is presumably to pay for half of the bill. 

Danny Duarte (pictured), believed to be from the US, has caused a stir online after mocking his Tinder date for paying for a meal with coins

Danny Duarte (pictured), who is believed to hail from the US, caused a stir online after mocking a Tinder date for paying for a meal by coins

When Danny and the woman headed out to a restaurant for dinner on their second date, he was left amused when she paid for the bill in loose change (pictured)

Danny and the woman went out for dinner on their second date. He was amused when the woman paid the bill in loose change (pictured).

However, angry social media users quickly took to the comments section to criticize the man for trying so hard to humiliate his date.  

“Choosing humiliation over support…shows you your true colors,” wrote one, followed closely by the red flag emoticon, while another defended the woman and wrote: “Money is Money.” I don’t care whether you pay with coins, bills, or money.

A third added: ‘So you would rather humiliate her for the sake of equality? If I was her, there wouldn’t be a third one’. A fourth said: ‘Lol apart form making her pay, now he’s trying to embarrass him. He seems like a winner.

Another penned by Elsewhere: “I’m Old School.” I believe in equality, but also believe in romance. Man, you need to have a heart made of stone to watch that.  

It wasn't long before infuriated social media users took to the comments section, slamming Danny for trying to humiliate his date (pictured)

Infuriated social-media users quickly took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, blasting Danny for trying (pictured)

Another suggested that the woman might have been trying to embarrass him by making her pay.

One wrote, “She’s probably paying with money to embarrass her for embarrassing her and making them pay,”

A look at Danny’s social media shows that he also mocked his first date with the woman because she didn’t have a speaker in her vehicle.

He shared another clip, revealing that he gave her “another chance” and they went on a third date. She cooked him a medium well’ steak.

However, Danny kicked up a fuss after noticing that the steak was ‘raw.’