Moment man falls and is then trampled on by a wild elephant while fleeing from the Indian charging animal.

  • A 30-year-old male was attacked in Assam (north-eastern India) but he survived.
  • According to local media, the man received treatment at a hospital on December 19.
  • Even though he made a strong run, the man tripped in the paddyfield while fleeing.
  • Within seconds, this ferocious beast has already begun to trampling and goring its victim 
  • In India wild elephants can kill as many 300 people per year – despite all safety precautions 

Here’s the moment that a wild elephant chased down and trampled on a man aged 30 in Assam. north-eastern India. 

This video was taken in Dhubri and shows an elephant running after its victim, December 18.     

Panicked, the man flees the pursuer, running for his life.

The elephant emerges in the forest clearing, spotting the 30-year-old man and charging after him. After the attack, forest officials chased the beast back into the trees from whence it came

After seeing the man, the elephant appears in the forest clearing. He charges after him. The elephant was chased by forest officers back into the woods, where it originated.

After falling and tripping in the paddyfield, the man collapses on the ground while the elephant charging closes the distance between them. 

He tries to stand up, but the pachyderm attacks him within seconds, grabbing him by his tusks, and tromping him with frightening speed. 

Observers capture the terror on their smartphones, while others watch. 

The man makes a good run, before slipping in the paddy field, giving his elephant adversary the opportunity it craves to catch up to him and attack him with its feet and tusks

He makes a great run before sliding in the paddyfield, giving his elephant rival the opportunity to catch him up and attack him using its feet and trunks.

Elephants kill up to 300 people a year in India, according to the WWF

The WWF estimates that elephants in India kill 300 to 400 people each year.

Horrified onlookers watch as the elephant tramples and gores the fallen man

Watching in horror as the elephant tromps on the body of the victim is a horrifying sight for those around.

While the injured man was taken to safety, forest officers chased him back toward the forest cover.

India Today stated that the man had been’severely injures’ but was still breathing and received treatment at a hospital on December 19. 

The region is home to many elephants that wander off their corridors, causing man-animal conflict. 

Indian elephants may reach up 11ft above the shoulder and can weigh as much as 790 stone.

Elephants are responsible for killing around 100 people each year in India, but the WWF estimates that it can kill as many as 300. 

Indian officials limit potentially fatal human-elephant encounters. They tag the giants using radio collars, and notify locals via SMS when they wander into human-populated areas. 

On 27 July 2021, a 45-year old man was killed by an elephant in India’s northern Assam state of Morongi. 

A shocking footage shows an elephant charging towards screaming crowds after escaping from its pack.  

A huge Indian elephant runs toward the man who’s tripped or fallen. He then gets trampled to death by the elephant before rejoining his herd of 28 elephants.