Just recently, a man revealed that he was interviewed by the same employer that fired him. He wore a fake moustache and fooled nearly everyone.

He is a man from the US who is well-known as @FirrOn Twitter, he is becoming a viral sensation after explaining that a recruiter set him up for an interview at the company where he was recently fired. He did what? The disguise worked, but he was not able to make it work at the interview.

“I am currently unemployed. An employer just fired me was interviewed by me. On November 4, he posted a tweet titled “I Wish I Was Making That Up,” 

A man, who is known as @Firr on Twitter, revealed that he landed an interview with the same employer that just fired him - so he went with a fake mustache on, and fooled almost everyone

A man, who is known as @Firr on Twitter, revealed that he landed an interview with the same employer that just fired him – so he went with a fake mustache on, and fooled almost everyone

Hilarious: He explained that a recruiter coincidentally set him up with the interview, and he couldn't pass up on the opportunity to have some fun

Hilarious: He explained that a recruiter coincidentally set him up with the interview, and he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to have some fun

He gave his followers a play-by-play of what went down, and he quickly went viral for the hilarious interaction

His followers were given a run-by of the events and it quickly became a viral sensation.

His disguise worked wonders. First, he met with two different people who had no idea he had been recently let go from the company

He was able to disguise his identity and make a great impression. He first met with two other people, who didn’t know he had recently been fired from the company.

“So, I hear you are looking for new programmers. May I ask about your former employee?” He made a joke.

He shared then a screenshot from the email confirmation he received to confirm his interview.

‘Holy s**t! See ya tomorrow f**kers!’ He captioned the message. 

The programmer then shared the picture of his fake mustaches, captioned: ‘Ready to interview me today!

“They won’t guess!” He also included a picture of himself wearing one, which he added to his words.

Needless to say, everyone was riveted as they waited anxiously for the results of the interview. He gave us all the play-by-play through it, which was a great thing.

The interview began with an unknown person – the hiring manager. He seemed to be in good shape so far. 

“The gentleman who answered the door was not intimidated by my fabulous facial accessory.” He tweeted that he was waiting to be called back by his interview manager.

I said, “The hiring manger is someone that I have never met before.” “He’s asking all the same questions,” he said.

“The resume that I submitted doesn’t include my previous job, but it is a copy of the job posting.”

After giving the manager a few snacks, he said that he was going “go grab one engineer”, and the man realized it would likely be someone he knew. He was pleasantly surprised to find that he only had a brief acquaintance with the person.

He said, “I have seen him once or twice in the breakroom but I don’t believe that I spoke beyond hellos.” “Let’s check if your disguise is true.”

That is - until it became time to meet the engineering team, which was made up of the people he used to work with every day. He knew they might figure him out

This was – until it came time to meet his engineering team. It consisted of people with whom he had worked every day. He knew they might figure him out

When someone asked him what his plan was if he got caught, the man said he was going to 'dramatically rip off his mustache' and say, 'you fools, it was me all along!'

He answered that he would ‘dramatically remove his mustache and then say to you fools it had been me all along’ when someone asked what his plans were in case he was caught.

He called the company 'disorganized' for not noticing that they were interviewing a person they had fired less than two weeks earlier

The company was called ‘disorganized’ by him for failing to notice that they were interviewing someone who they had fired just two weeks prior

The engineer arrived and said that he had seen him around. Is it possible that you have worked as a freelancer before. “Yes, I think so. The man replied, ‘I think so. I have freelanced at many places.

Another tweet was added by him: “Chat went smoothly! He needed to get up, so I am back in the waiting room to head to the other building to meet the engineers.

Then things started to get really exciting. He knew that the engineering team was composed of people who he had worked with daily, and he was certain they would figure him out. One of his friends asked him what he’d say or do in the event he was caught.

“My plan right now is to pretend it’s not there, and then rip off my mustache, saying, “You fools, it’s me!” He replied.

When asked by another person what he would do in the event that they offered him the job, his response was, “If your company’s organization is so chaotic you can interview someone within a week after firing him, there are probably bigger systemic issues. That would raise red flags.”

He finally met someone from his engineering team. It was also his former boss.

‘Holy s**t. He sat down. He was very serious. Super serious. The man posted the tweet.

He chose to be dumb and replied, “I don’t get the “re” part of this, but I’d like to learn more about it.”

Finally, he met with someone from the engineering team, and coincidentally, it was his old boss. Unfortunately, the jig was up

He finally met up with an engineer team member, who was, coincidentally his former boss. The jig wasn’t up, unfortunately.

He was escorted out of the building but made sure to finish strong. Before leaving he ripped off his mustache as promised, and asked his former boss, 'How did you know it was me?'

He was led out of the building, but he made sure to get home safely. As promised, he took off his mustache and inquired about his boss.

Despite being figured out, the man called the whole thing a 'win.' He wrote: 'I got like eight bucks in snacks. Who really won here?'

The man called it a win, despite the fact that everything was figured out. He wrote: ‘I got like eight bucks in snacks. Is this really who won?

The jig was then up.

“He got up and sat down again with the hiring manger. My employer was fired, and the hiring manager furious. Just said that I didn’t remember! He tweeted, “Things change so quickly in two weeks,”

“The fact I still sit in my office at the end of an hour is a win to me.

He was then escorted from the building. As he was about to leave, he asked: “So…I’m not getting this job?”

He added, “As soon as I reached my car, I spent one more moment with my boss.”  

He pulled his mustache off ‘in one powerful swipe’, and asked him: ‘How did it know I was there? He Answered, “Get out of here.”

“They took an hour to interview a trustworthy, qualified candidate but it didn’t work out. I got like eight bucks in snacks. The man asked, “Who won?” The man said so.