31-year-old man who failed to find love despite receiving 300 matches from dating apps, reveals that he found his girlfriend by meeting in person at a bar. He says that online matchmaking makes him shallow.

  • After struggling to find love, John Wood from London has taken aim at dating apps 
  • Entrepreneur was frustrated by his Tinder matches of 300. 
  • Recounts how he managed to enter a committed relationship with a woman he had met in a bar 

One man claims that he has had over 300 relationships on Tinder and Bumble, but he is finally in a committed relationship after meeting his lover the traditional way at a bar.

Josh Wood, 31, a London-based resident, said that he tried online dating with three of his friends in hopes to meet love. Most of the people to whom he wrote messages didn’t answer, while those that did respond made little talk.

He said that although he had over 300 matches, it was difficult to find the right date. It was the more traditional way of talking in bars and going up to people in person that brought him to Lisa. 

Josh asserts that meeting people online has ruined everyone’s relationships. 

According to him, “You hear so many horror stories about women who go on dates with men and end up being completely different,” he said to the Daily Star. 

Josh Wood, 31, who lives in London, has slammed online dating apps after his experience on Tinder left him frustrated. Pictured: Josh and his girlfriend

Josh Wood (31), a Londoner, is now against online dating after being frustrated by his Tinder experience. Photo: Josh with his girlfriend 

Josh said that aside from the awkward conversations, it is possible to meet someone on a first date who could be totally different than what you expected.

“It is a big risk for a girl for her to meet someone one-on-one.” 

Josh stated that he believes online dating has made people more shallow and is limiting their social skills.

After a casual conversation at a Chelsea bar, his offline search for love led him to a woman he likes. 

Josh (pictured), who claims to have 300 matches on Tinder, said he met his girlfriend by approaching her in a bar in Chelsea

Josh (pictured), who claimed to have 300 Tinder matches, stated that he found his girlfriend after he approached her at a Chelsea bar. 

Josh, who is founder of Bloc, a community app that connects people ahead of events they’re attending, claims dating apps are affecting people’s ability to communicate. 

He stated that people use dating apps to think that they have to start a conversation with someone who is only interested in them. They are afraid to be themselves. 

Badoo dating app recently polled 1,000 singletons and found that many are choosing quality over quantity when it comes to their relationships. 

The prediction is that people in 2022 will have a greater number of children. Swipe for real-life friends to make it easier for you to date.

32% of the daters have dated someone that they knew from real life, and 41% say they felt more secure when they matched on a dating site. 

Josh said dating apps are making people shallow and affecting our ability to socialise. Pictured: Josh and his girlfriend

Josh stated that dating apps have made people less open to other cultures and are limiting our ability socialize. Photo: Josh with his girlfriend 

The research also found the average date in 2021 lasted 2.5 hours, yet almost 74 per cent of daters claim that in 2022, they would like longer dates. 

Many people believe that shorter dates do not allow them to be their true selves.  

Badoo UK’s Brand Marketing Director Natasha Briefel said that “2021 was another difficult year for dating. At times, we had difficulty keeping it virtual. Other times, however, we were able take baby steps and get back on our feet.

Badoo values the importance of making it memorable. Trends are here to stay, from ditching the ‘types’ to having more activities-based dates to being with people we like. It’s time to try again after a difficult couple of years.