29-year-old man held woman captive for 4 days while he starved, beat and raped him. He is now in prison for 22 years

  • Abdul Awil (29), raped and beat repeatedly a woman for four days.  
  • He was in prison for 22 years, and was finally sentenced by Harrow Crown Court.  
  • On 2 October 2013, the LAS summoned police to Kensington at a location they had identified.

For 22 years, a man who beat and raped his wife while also banning her eating and drinking and locking her up in a cell for four days was sentenced to jail. 

Abdul Awil assaulted the victim at Kensington in west London between 28 September and 1 Oct last year. 

On Friday, the 29-year old was sent to Harrow Crown Court.

Awil was said to have taken advantage of Awil’s vulnerable victim and forced her to suffer the same violence no other human being should.

Abdul Awil, 29, was found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent, false imprisonment and two counts of rape

Abdul Awil, 29, was found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent, false imprisonment and two counts of rape

Awil beat the victim as she returned home after birthday celebrations.

He repeatedly attacked her, leaving her unconscious and preventing her from ever eating or drinking.

Finally, after being away for four days she sought refuge in a house of family members. After that her cousin dialled an ambulance.

London Ambulance Service called the police to Kensington’s address on Friday, October 2, 2020. 

Gemma Harkin (detective constable) said that Awil had, at all times, denied any responsibility for his actions.

Awil was sentenced at Harrow Crown Court (pictured in a file image) on Friday

Awil was sentenced to Harrow Crown Court on Friday (see a file image).

He took advantage of vulnerable women who trust him and put her through such cruelty that no one should have to.

“The victim displayed tremendous courage when she came forward. We hope she can find some relief in the sentences that have been passed.

I would like to urge all victims to speak to me. To provide support, we have officers specially trained and work with partners organisations.

“Please don’t suffer silently – we’re here to help. We will pursue charges and bring justice to you.”

Awil was found guilty in three counts: grievous bodily injury with intent, false imprisonment, and two counts each of rape. Also, he was given a Restraining order for life.