Today, protestors gathered in London against the plans to grant a Covid-19 Pass to the government as part of its Plan B restrictions on the super-mutant Omicron variation.   

Protestors for the Anti Covid Pass held signs that compared Boris Johnson and Adolph Hitler, as well placards saying ‘No Exclusion, To Checkpoints, To Discrimination’ at protests in Westminster today.  

Clubs and large events will require the use of passes that show proof of immunization, negative testing or recent recovery from Covid-19. 

Today, demonstrators urged the government to “Stop Covid Passes, Big Brother Watch” as they met in Westminster.     

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, made the announcement Wednesday regarding the Plan B regulations. This was in response to the escalating number of Covid-19 cases that have resulted from the Omicron mutation. 

According to government data, the variant accounts for 30% of all new Covid cases in London. Scientists from the government have advised that tougher measures are needed to prevent hospitals becoming overwhelmed.  

Protesters today gathered in London to demonstrate against plans for a Covid-19 pass as part of the government's Plan B restrictions to contain the super-mutant Omicron variant

Today’s demonstration in London was against plans for Covid-19 passes as part government Plan B restrictions. This is to stop the Omicron mutant super-mutant.

Anti Covid pass protestors held up signs comparing Boris Johnson to Adolph Hitler during the protests outside Westminster this afternoon

Anti Covid Pass protestors displayed signs that compared Boris Johnson and Adolph Hitler at the demonstrations in Westminster today

Demonstrators today carried a placard reading 'Stop Covid passes, Big Brother Watch' as gathered outside Westminster calling on the government to scrap plans for Covid-19 passes

 Demonstrators today carried a placard reading ‘Stop Covid passes, Big Brother Watch’ as gathered outside Westminster calling on the government to scrap plans for Covid-19 passes

A man holds a sign reading 'No to vaccine passports, yes to bodily autonomy' outside Westminster today

A man holds a sign reading 'No to exclusion, to checkpoints, to discrimination, Covid ID'

Protesters gathered outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster today holding signs reading ‘No to vaccine passports, yes to bodily autonomy’ and ‘No to exclusion, to checkpoints, to discrimination, Covid ID’

Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the Houses of Parliament on Saturday afternoon calling on the government to scrap Covid-19 passes announced by Boris Johnson as part of Plan B restrictions to kerb the spread of super-mutant variant Omicron

On Saturday afternoon, hundreds of demonstrators rallied outside the Houses of Parliament calling for the cancellation of Covid-19 passes. These were announced by Boris Johnson in Plan B as part of a plan to curtail the spread of Omicron supermutant Omicron.

A woman holds anti Covid pass signs

A man protests in Westminster today

At the demonstrations that took place outside Westminster on Wednesday, anti-Covid pass protestors held placards reading “No to exclusion”, “No to checkpoints,” and “No to discrimination”

Today, Government scientists warned of the need for more aggressive measures to address this variant. The variant, according to them, could cause almost 2,500 daily hospitalizations in winter, even with Plan B restrictions.  

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has done some modeling to show that the strain can cause between 255,000 and 75,000 deaths in England in the next five month. In addition, there could be more hospitalizations in January than last year. 

The researchers — who also sit on the Spi-M SAGE modelling subgroup that advises No10 — said restrictions similar to stage two of the roadmap out of lockdown, which include a ban on indoor socialising at pubs and restaurants, may be needed to stop the NHS becoming overwhelmed. 

These experts suggested that the measures be taken as Boxing Day in order to curb the tide of deaths and admissions. 

The data assumes Omicron can cause severe illnesses as Delta. However, preliminary South Africa data suggests that Omicron may be responsible for fewer hospitalisations. 

Although Omicron booster jabs against Covid have been proven to be effective, it is possible that millions of people still to receive their third vaccine could not be protected against the symptoms. 

Officials emphasize that two doses of the drug should provide high levels of protection against serious illness, but that even one small decrease in dosage could cause a spike in hopsitalisations.

Yesterday saw the first section of Government’s Plan B come into effect with the mandatory introduction of face masks indoors such as cinemas, theatres, and churches. 

The new guidance for work from home will take effect Monday. On Tuesday, MPs vote to introduce vaccine passports in nightclubs.  

It came as reports emerged yesterday that the UK Government is already working on a ‘Plan C’ of Covid restrictions, which could see care homes slapped with fresh restrictions in the run up to Christmas and masks made compulsory in pubs and restaurants. 

If the Omicron super-variant proves to not be as deadly as scientists believe, then the controversial vaccine passports may be expanded to other venues. 

No10 insists it does not have plans for Christmas to implement a Plan C, or lock down circuit breakers. Official spokesperson for the Prime Minister stated that Plan B was the correct approach. It strikes the right balance.