After wrongly accusing his girlfriend of cheating, a controlling boyfriend stabbed her 54 times with two knives. He was found guilty of murder.

Ian Bennett attacked Kerry Woolley, mother of two children. He then manipulated his mother into joining him in a “cowardly” plot to conceal his horrible crime.

Birmingham Crown Court jury found Bennett, 38 of Solihull guilty yesterday of killing 38-year old Ms Woolley.

Lynda Bennett (63), Lynda’s mother was also found guilty.

They were sentenced today after a jury gave their verdicts in less than one hour.

Ms. Woolley, who was described by the tragedy as a “beautiful person” and a “warm personality”, was found dead at her Solihull home on July 12.

Kerry Woolley, 38, who was found dead at Wesley Heights on Warwick Road in Olton, Solihull, West Midlands, on 12 July 2020

Kerry Woolley, 38, who was found dead at Wesley Heights on Warwick Road in Olton, Solihull, West Midlands, on 12 July 2020

Controlling boyfriend Ian Bennett stabbed his girlfriend Kerry Woolley (pictured)  54 times in the neck in a paranoid attack after wrongly accusing her of sleeping with another woman

The court heard Bennett (pictured) launched the attack at a home in Solihull in July last year

Court heard that Bennett (pictured above) attacked a Solihull house in July 2013.

Bennett had been accused of sex with her at Solihull Wine Bar. She was described as being ‘paranoid and obsessive’.

Caroline Goodwin QC (prosecutor) said that the defendant wouldn’t let it go. They had an argument, during which he threw the phone at her TV.

She claimed that the victim suffered a brutal and intentional attack, with most of her injuries to her neck.

According to her, there were evidence of defensive injuries. Bennett also attempted to choke Ms Woolley.

She said that he later bought time to play the role of the tough-loving boyfriend who found his girl dead.

Miss Goodwin stated that “He wanted to dive and duck, misleading police officers, too cowardly accept what he had done,”

Ian Bennett

Lynda Bennett,

Both Bennett (left) and his mother Lynda Bennett (right) will be sentenced later today

Pictured: Police on the scene where Kerry was found dead at a flat in Solihull last year

Photographed: Solihull police officers on the spot where Kerry was killed in a shooting last year

He had burned some clothes and went out with his mother on Sunday to drive a car. There he dumped all the items, including a knife, from the flat and threw it into a canal.

Lynda Bennett’s mistake led to police being able to unlock the case against her child.

Cops seized Dashcam footage of him in his car, showing him getting rid potential evidence linking him with the murder, such as a knife that he used for stabbing the victim. He then threw it into a canal.

Ian Bennett didn’t give any evidence at the trial, but he claimed that Ms Woolley was aggressive during an argument and used a knife. He also said that he later had no memories of what had happened as he blacked himself out.

Lynda Bennett said to the jury that she wasn’t aware of Lynda Woolley being harmed by her son or his dumping of items. 

Following the conviction, Det Sgt Rory Juss said that “Ian Bennett launched a vicious, brutal attack against Kerry Woolley. A woman with whom he was only in a brief relationship for a couple of weeks.”

Dashcam footage in Lydia's car showed Bennett (right) getting rid of evidence linking him to the killing, including a knife he used to stab the victim. Pictured: Ian and Lydia Bennett

Video from Lydia Bennett’s dashcam showed Bennett (right), removing evidence that linked him to the murder, which included a knife he had used to stabbing the victim. Picture: Ian Bennett and Lydia Bennett

“He chose then to lie blatantly about the events, but quickly lost his way as evidence mounted against him.

He said that he used his mom’s dashcam to record him as he took out the objects that would tie him up in his crime.

“Neither Ian Bennett or his mother Lynda showed any regret for this horrible crime. It was encouraging to see the jury see the truth through the evidence that we presented.

“Our thoughts were always with Kerry’s loved ones, and we hope Bennett’s conviction and that of his mom can bring some comfort.