Jeremy Wisten didn’t feel he was getting the ‘right support from Manchester City’ to help him find a club after his release. His father told inquest… that his once-boing youth player died in 2020.

  • Jeremy Wisten (18 years old) was a Man City academy former player.
  • Paramedics found Wisten unresponsive at his house last year.
  • Inquests are being held into last year’s tragic death of a former City player
  • He said that his son thought City could do more to assist the teenager. 

An ex-Manchester City Youth player took his own life following being released from the club. A Monday inquest revealed that he felt badly treated by the club.

Jeremy Wisten (18), a young player in the City’s youth soccer team, was a successful 18-year old. A serious injury to his knee ligaments cut off his career. He learned that he would be out of action within six months. He was forced to leave after a successful five-year tenure with the team.

Manila, the father of Manila said that his son believed City didn’t give him enough support to pursue his dream. Manila said that he didn’t believe City was providing the support he needed to start a club. City should have done more. It was obvious that they were more concerned with the welfare of others.

An inquest has been heard into the death of former Man City youth player Jeremy Wisten

A coroner has been appointed to investigate the mysterious death of Jeremy Wisten, a former Man City youth soccer player.

His son had been promised by City that they would organize matches with other clubs so that he could be viewed. Trials were held with Cardiff City and Bolton Wanderers, but Jeremy wasn’t satisfied with their efforts. He approached an agent for help in finding a new club.

Manila and Jeremy’s mother Grace pleaded with him after he was freed. They believed that he was talented, young and personable, so there was hope for a future beyond City. He had put his whole life into the goal of becoming it. As a young boy, Vincent Kompany was the one he looked up to. He would grieve in his bedroom, which the couple could hear. Manila said that he could feel the pain in his body, according to Zak Golombek, the coroner.

It was possible to find a better path. He had earned distinctions from his college education and was applying for university. But it wasn’t meant to be. Manila was overcome as he described how his wife, worried that Jeremy would not be home for dinner on Oct. 24, last year, discovered their son’s corpse in the bedroom of their daughter. He told the Inquest, “I was watching television.” 

His father said Wisten (left) felt he didn't get the right support by Man City to help him continue his career after being released from the club

Wisten’s father (left), said that Wisten felt Man City didn’t support him enough to allow him to continue his career.

“His mother checked his room. He was nowhere to be found. He was not there. She entered the locked second room. To retrieve the key, she ran down to her room. “Then, I heard an awful sound that I will never forget.

Jason Wilcox, director of the City Academy, stated that Jeremy’s injury to his knee would not have had an impact on their decision to terminate his contract. He explained that Jeremy’s knee injury had impeded him development, while other players progressed at a slower pace.

City says that mental health screenings can be done before or after an individual is released. Jeremy was not concerned about his mental health. Wilcox stated: ‘My understanding was that Jeremy received nine trials (at different clubs).

The coroner found that Jeremy intended to end his life. Wilcox extended his condolences for City.

City academy director Jason Wilcox told the hearing that Jeremy's knee injury would have had 'no impact' on the decision for them to end his contract

Jason Wilcox, director of the City Academy, stated that Jeremy’s injury to his knee would not have an impact on their decision to terminate the contract.