Manchester United’s Covid Epidemic: Red Devils scored a few positive results with Tuesday’s fixture against Brentford now in doubt… is this why Victor Lindelof died during Norwich’s win with breathing issues?

  • Many players and employees at Manchester United returned positive results
  • Their Premier League clash against Brentford now looks likely
  • This news comes after Tottenham has recently postponed due to an epidemic
  • Victor Lindelof was suffering from difficulty breathing after their victory over Norwich 

Manchester United were allegedly hit by Covid within their squad, which has caused them great difficulty in planning.

According to The Sun, a number of employees and players have reported positive lateral flow test results. 

The incident comes one day after Victor Lindelof, who was suffering from breathing difficulties, went on against Norwich. There has not been any confirmation that Covid is involved.

Manchester United has reportedly reported positive lateral flow testing

Ralf Rangnick’s Brentford side is expected to take on Ralf Rangnick Tuesday in an event which could be postponed

Victor Lindelof went off with breathing problems during United's 1-0 win over Norwich

Victor Lindelof suffered from breathing difficulties during United’s 1-0 victory over Norwich

Red Devils have notified the Premier League, which could indicate that their Tuesday game against Brentford may be cancelled.  

The group that traveled to Norwich on Saturday for the 1-0 victory has all tested negative.

Players and staff reported a small amount of positive lateral flow testing. Those individuals were sent home on Sunday before the start of training.  

Others trained outside with non-contact training. 

Defender Lindelof came off mid-way into their match with Norwich as he pointed to his chest, complaining that he was struggling to breathe.

United's players who travelled to Norwich are believed to have tested negative

United’s players that traveled to Norwich may have had negative results.

Lindelof was in pain and, after some treatment, was moved to the dressing area where he had tests.

De Gea had to endure a terrible moment, and he still sounds flustered as he speaks with Sky Sports at end of game.

‘I don’t know what was going on but it was like he was feeling his breathing,’ said the United keeper.

De Gea said it brought memories of the Euros flooding back when Denmark’s Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest at Euro 2020 on the pitch as Denmark played Finland.

United’s Covid outbreak comes after Tottenham recently had to postpone their UEFA Conference League match against Rennes, last week; and Premier League visit to Brighton.

After their 3-0 win over Norwich, Covid tore through Spurs’ camp.   

Lindelof wanted to stay on after his breathing difficulty but was substituted

Lindelof wanted his breathing difficulties resolved, and he was forced to leave.

Dean Smith from Norwich was concerned that his camp might become a victim, but the tests proved otherwise.

Red Devils already had cases in this season.

Dean Henderson, who was tested positive in the first campaign, continued to experience long Covid.

Mason Greenwood was responsible for the isolation of Jesse Lingard during preseason.  

Omicron could be seen in sporting events as more cases are filed across the nation.

There were no fans permitted in the stadiums during the last two months of 2019-20 season as well as the entirety of 2018-19 season.

Football fans in the United States will be affected by new Covid-19 guidelines. They must prove that they have been double-vaccinated or undergo a negative flow test to allow them to take part in sporting events with more than 10,000 attendees.