After returning home from work, this is how a terrified woman attempted to fight off an armed carjacker.

Surprising CCTV footage captured Elaine Roscoe (54), being robbed outside her house in Moston. It was taken on the 29th of December.

The seven-month-old BMW M235i was attacked by the intruders and Roscoe was forced to take her belongings out of her front seat.

CCTV footage caught a robber fight Elaine Roscoe, 54, for her car keys right outside her home in Moston, north Manchester on December 29

CCTV footage captured Elaine Roscoe (54), robberizing her for her keys to her car outside her house in Moston. It was taken on the 29th of December.

She told the Manchester Evening News: ‘You don’t come home and think “who will carjack me?”

“You can see it all around social media but it feels surreal when it occurs to you.

You see the same thing happening to others and think, “I would do that or that”. But you respond how you feel.

‘It’s horrible. It has shocked and angered my soul. It’s all emotions you could imagine. 

Ms Rochdale returned to work as an accounts assistant in Rochdale last Wednesday after some time off over Christmas and left the office around 5.05pm. 

Ms Roscoe wrestles for the keys to her BMW with the carjackers right in front of her house

Ms Roscoe struggles to get the keys for her BMW from the carjackers in front her home

About half an hour later, she pulled up in front of St Mary’s Road before moving to the passenger’s side to get her bag and some mail.

Roscoe stated that she felt something was wrong when she began to gather her possessions and saw someone coming. 

“I heard these feet running,” she added. The lad shouted “Give me your key, give it to me!” I glanced up and saw him.

The offenders drive off in Ms Roscoe's car as she calls for help

As Ms Roscoe calls for assistance, the offenders leave in Ms Roscoe’s car.

“It was something I’ve never had in all my life. It was quite shocking. It took me a while to fully absorb it.

“He ran after me, then we were fighting over the car key. This key was my most prized possession since leaving school. I didn’t want to let it go.

“It felt like it took seconds, but only seconds.”

Roscoe warned the man not to try to take her BMW keys. 

Ms Roscoe later said of the incident: 'You see it in the news, all over social media, but when it happens to you it's surreal'

Later, Ms Roscoe said about the incident, “You see it all around social media but it just happens to me. It’s surreal.”

However, the first man was able to drive away in her car with the key. 

Ms Roscoe screamed at her partner “they’ve gotten my car”, and he ‘came back out.” 

After her BMW was driven away she called 999, and then located the car with an app on her phone which was linked to the vehicle’s tracking device.

The police were soon on the scene, and neighbours rushed to help.

Ms Roscoer used the app to see that her car was stopped at Duncombe Drive less than one mile from her house.

The scene of the carjacking. Offenders targeted her seven-month-old BMW m235i and struck as Ms Roscoe picked up her belongings from the front passenger seat

Scene of the carjacking. Her seven-month-old BMW M235i was targeted by the criminals. Roscoe grabbed her belongings from her front seat passenger seat.

According to her, the carjackers managed to remove the tracker device but it was luckily that they were not too fast for us and we recovered the vehicle.   

She said that she was told by the mechanics to move cars, but the only place the vehicle is traced is the spot where the thief ripped it from. Then, you don’t know where it is.

Nighbors who witnessed the infractions showed Ms Roscoe CCTV footage of the BMW being followed and a Fiat Punto following it.  

Roscoe now waits to have her car repaired so that it can be returned home.

The price for a new manual BMW m235i starts from £34,535, according to automobile magazine Evo. 

Greater Manchester Police can be reached online at 101 or via phone by anyone with information regarding the incident, quoting log 2220 from December 29, 2021.

MailOnline reached out the Greater Manchester Police for comments.