‘If this was the TV advert I’d go to M&S’: Marks & Spencer supermarket workers from Romford become unlikely TikTok stars with their own versions of classic pop videos

  • A Marks & Spencer store in Romford won over everyone with its TikTok account 
  • More than 652.5k people like the Liberty Shopping Centre account. 
  • The Thriller Dance was made popular by staff at the Halloween party. 

Social media is full of praise for a Marks & Spencer store in Romford which has won over customers with its TikTok account and now has 20.4k followers.

Content from the staff is loved by people. It includes dancing videos, product-explainers, and team members recreating viral trends.

One clip from the store performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller Halloween dance has been viewed 310.9k times. The account also has 652.5k followers.

A video of the team lip-synching the Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way has over 189.6k views and 26.9k likes

This video has been viewed over 189.6k times and shared 26.9k times.

The account's latest TikTok featured staff from other M&S stores dancing along to Jingle Bell Rock with the team

The account’s latest TikTok featured staff from other M&S stores dancing along to Jingle Bell Rock with the team

TikTok members have been praising the team for their fun and calling for them to be paid more.

On a video of the team in hi-vis vests lip-synching the Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way, which has over 189.6k views, one comment from Demi Jones said: ‘If this was the TV advert I’d go to M&S’. 

«Hope you get an enormous pay raise this year. “You’re basically social media marketers,” another user from Design by Charlotte commented.

Shauna Newth added: ‘Why am I so invested in this M&S team.’

Another comment also said ‘never been M&S in my life but now I need to go’. 

The TikTok account promoted M&S's latest Christmas ad

The team dancing in Percy Pig merch

The store’s latest TikToks have been promoted by some of its products and adverts 


People on TikTok praised the team's videos and some said that they deserve a pay rise

TikTok users praised TikTok’s team and said they deserved a raise.  

Twitter is receiving a positive reaction from the team.

Sharing one of their TikToks on her account, @kb_rowne said ‘the team at M&S Romford have me in a chokehold’ and the post has since been liked more than eight thousand times.

‘M&S Romford TikTok beats the John Lewis Christmas advert with ease,’ user Matt Sibson commented. 

Another comment from @_CalendarGirl said: ‘I will go all the way to M&S Romford for my weekly shop just to see these guys. They should be paid more. 

Twitter is full of praise for the TikTok account as users commented that they are willing to do their weekly shopping there just for the team alone

Twitter has been full of praises about TikTok. Users commented that they’d be happy to order their weekly grocery there just for the TikTok team 

Lee Spencer, the store manager at the Marks & Spencer in Liberty Shopping Centre, told the Romford Recorder the videos started out as a ‘fun new way’ to speak to shoppers.

He stated that Sarah Hutcherson, the social media champion at the store has done an incredible job of getting all employees involved in the fun.

“And customers have even commented on how much they love the videos, and how wonderful it is to watch our hardworking staff having fun and showing off their moves.