The disappearance of Marnie Clayton, a teenager from Berkshire has led to the arrest of a man.

After leaving Atik, a nearby Windsor nightclub, at 2 AM on Sunday, the 18-year old vanished.

She was found safe and well in Basingstoke, Hampshire, more than 30 miles from where she disappeared, on Monday afternoon.

A 21-year old man was charged by police with stalking and involving fear violence. 

Abid Khan, of Cardigan Gardens, Reading, is due to appear before Reading Magistrates’ Court today.   

Marnie Clayton, 18, from Bracknell, Berkshire, was found more than 30 miles away after going missing from outside a nightclub in Windsor

Marnie Clayton (18 years old), from Bracknell in Berkshire was discovered more than 30 miles from where she went missing outside of a Windsor nightclub

She was last seen leaving Atik nightclub in nearby Windsor, at around 2am on Sunday morning before suddenly vanishing. She was found safe and well in Basingstoke, Hants, on Monday afternoon

She was last seen leaving Atik nightclub in nearby Windsor, at around 2am on Sunday morning before suddenly vanishing. Her body was recovered in Basingstoke on Monday afternoon.

Miss Clayton vanished after leaving the Atik nightclub in Windsor town centre, half a mile away from the royal castle, at around 2am on Sunday. She was found safe and well in Basingstoke the following day

Miss Clayton went missing after she left the Atik club in Windsor centre at 2am on Sunday. It was about a half mile from Windsor castle. The next day, she was discovered safe and sound in Basingstoke

18-year-old Marnie Clayton, from Bracknell, Berkshire

She was found safe and well in Basingstoke, Hampshire, more than 30 miles from where she disappeared, on Monday afternoon

Her safe recovery was possible in Basingstoke (Hampshire), more than 30 minutes from the place she vanished on Monday afternoon. 

Today, a Thames Valley Police spokesperson stated: “Following an investigation into missing persons that began on Sunday, The Crown Prosecution Service authorized the filing of a case in connection to this incident.

Last night, a 21-year-old man from Cardigan Gardens in Reading was arrested on one count of stalking with fear of violence.

The charge is related to an 18-year old missing girl from Bracknell that went missing after she was reported missing by Windsor.

“The woman was found safely Monday afternoon.”

Ms Clayton (age 18, of Bracknell, Berkshire) was last seen leaving Atik club in Windsor at 2am Sunday morning, before abruptly disappearing. 

Her disappearance at the age of 18 sparked great concern. A social media site was created to help her find her.  

A video of the teenager, who was dancing and smiling in Atik with his friend later surfaced online.

Superintendent Michael Greenwood spoke after Marnie was located. He said, “I’m delighted to have been able to confirm Marnie is safe and sound and return her to her family who are naturally very concerned about her welfare.” 

A new video emerged earlier today showing Marnie Clayton partying in a nightclub just hours before her disappearance

Marnie Clayton was seen partying at a club hours before her disappearance.

The footage shows the 18-year-old smiling, laughing and dancing with female friends in Atik nightclub in Windsor, Berkshire

The teenager had last been seen leaving the nightclub at around 2am on Sunday (January 16)

This footage captures the teenager dancing, smiling and laughing with her female friends at Atik, Windsor, Berkshire. Last seen at the club on Sunday, January 16th at 2 am

“This is the outcome of incredible work by officers and staff of Thames Valley Police as well as our colleagues from Hampshire. We used information from hundreds of calls that Marnie had made since Marnie disappeared to find her.

Thames Valley Police described their investigation as’very significant.’ Mr Greenwood then went on to say that he was grateful to ‘the thousands of’ members of the general public for supporting their appeal to locate the teenager.

He said, “I’d like to express my sincerest thanks to all the thousands of people who supported our appeal for her location and to those in the media.

It is hard to overestimate the value of information that was received in order for Marnie to be found safe and well.

‘I’m proud of all the officers, staff and fellow colleagues from Hampshire. Also, I’m proud of everyone in our local community for sharing appeals and calling us with information that has enabled us to bring Marnie home.