Kanye West bought his girlfriend a new outfit on their second date. A journalist slammed the decision, calling it’serial killer level mad’

Rebecca Reid, a feminist writer and author based in London, spoke out to Good Morning Britain and described the act as “cruel” and rude. She said she would run away from anyone who asked for her clothes. 

According to reports, West (44), who is currently dating Julia Fox (31) bought West a new outfit on their second date. 

Rebecca discussed the matter on her morning show. Nicky Hambleton Jones from 10 Years Younger stated that the move she made was romantic and suggested we just embrace it.

Although viewers were divided over the issue many felt Rebecca was the right course of action.  

North London-based author and feminist writer Rebecca Reid said on Good Morning Britain that Kanye West buying a new wardrobe for his girlfriend  was 'cruel,' 'rude,' and that she'd run away if anyone asked her to get rid of her clothes

North London-based author and feminist writer Rebecca Reid said on Good Morning Britain that Kanye West buying a new wardrobe for his girlfriend  was ‘cruel,’ ‘rude,’ and that she’d run away if anyone asked her to get rid of her clothes

Some people agreed with Rebecca, but others said they'd just accept the clothes and keep them after the breakup

Rebecca was not the only one who agreed, others were more open to accepting the clothes and keeping them after the split.

Rebecca answered the question, “How would I react if my date bought me a new outfit?””. 

It’s serial killer level madness, even though my instincts may be a bit overbeamed and his plan to not keep me in the basement, it would still make me think, “What’s wrong with my clothes?” You are trying to control me. What is your goal in lowering my self-confidence?”. 

“There wouldn’t be another date.” 

Nicky Hambleton Jones had an alternative view and stated that she is fine with West purchasing new clothes for his girlfriend.  

It was reported that the rapper, 44, bought a whole new wardrobe for his new girlfriends Julia Fox, left, 31, on their second date

According to reports, the 44-year-old rapper bought new clothes for Julia Fox (31), on their second date. 

“As women have we lost the ability to embrace romance? She inquired. 

“Kanye West, someone bold, has strong brand identity, and he’s above the rest,” she said. 

“Him buying his girlfriend an entire new wardrobe for their second date is likely like my husband buying me new bags from high-street shops.

“We don’t understand it. But, I believe there’s something very romantic about it.

She said, “You know, it is the second date. But, if the first one falls apart, she can keep her wardrobe.” It’s a win for my department. She joked. 

Rebecca said it is 'serial killer-mad' to buy a partner new clothes on a second date as well as controlling

Rebecca claimed that it’s’serial murder-mad’ to give a partner new clothing on a second date. 

10 Years Younger presenter Nicky Hambleton-Jones said she buys clothes for her husband all the time

Nicky Hambleton Jones, 10 Years Younger’s presenter said that she purchases clothes every day for her husband 

Rebecca says that the move can be used to control a date or to rudely treat your partner.  

She stated, “I think you’d agree, what we wear is part of who are we, and it’s how our expressions ourselves.” It is a great creative outlet. Kanye West is literally the man who makes all the clothes.

She said that the rapper was expressing his disapproval by his actions.

But Nicky challenged her, saying: ‘Did he say to Julia Fox “I hate all your clothes” or did he say “Darling, I bought you a wardrobe, take it or leave it, wear what you want?”.

The two women, pictured, debated the issue on this morning's Good Morning Britain. with Rebecca saying she thinks asking someone to get rid of all their clothes is 'rude,' and 'cruel'

Two women debate the topic on Good Morning Britain. Rebecca stated that she believes asking someone to throw away all of their clothes is rude and cruel.

She added, “I believe there’s a fine line” between them.

Nicky was reminded by Rebecca that Kanye West forced Kim Kardashian to throw away her clothes when she started dating him, in Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

He told her to get rid of all the clothes and stuff. She recalled that he made her to throw away all of her stuff. 

Suzanna Reid reminded Rebecca of Kim’s mother Kris Jenner by reminding her.  

Kim bought her mom a complete wardrobe as a birthday present. 

Some viewers said Rebecca can 'take it or leave it' and others said they'd happily keep the clothes

Some viewers claimed Rebecca is able to ‘take or leave’ the clothing, while others said that they would be happy to keep them. 

She said, “They are multimillionaires and giving each other a set of clothes is an act of love.”

Rebecca pointed out that Kim bought her items from Kris Jenner and not by herself. 

There is an important difference in shopping with someone, and working with their style. Kanye says, “You dress badly. I don’t love it. You have to get a new look.”

She continued, “And this is fundamentally really really, really really, really rude.”

Elle said that it was no good for women to make their partner change clothes.  

It’s more common for women to say “oh, I hate all of your clothes”, but it’s easier to just go, “I’m changing you.” However, it is still quite cruel when it happens to a man. 

It’s so different to say “I love and cherish you in dark blue” and then add “I got rid all of your clothes.” Rebecca stated that it didn’t matter if their memories were attached to them, she was going to get rid of them all and call them rubbish. 

Nicky claimed that Nicky buys clothing for her husband every day and that it is a joy.  

“My love language, especially in fashion, is shopping, it’s my passion,” she stated.  

Viewers had a split opinion about the issue. Some viewers said that they would move on and take off their clothes, others claimed it was a red alert. 

“Buying someone new clothes is controlling!” Kim Kardashian did it too. 

‘Kanye West can buy me a new wardrobe if he wants. I’m sick of wearing my Lonsdale s*** every day,’ another wrote.  

I see no issues… let’s not forget their spending habits !!!!. One replied, “I’ll take your wardrobe please.” 

Rebecca said that “Anyone turning up on the 2nd date bearing a present is a warning sign.” 

‘Look Rebecca, take it or leave it, it’s a brand new wardrobe full of top of the range clothing for free.. if that’s something to argue about then I dread the debate over “what came first, the chicken or the egg”,’ another wrote.