The 36-year-old married Army instructor who offered female recruits special privileges and said he would pay for her takeout if she allowed him to squeeze her bottom is now fired

  • Elan Joseph Married Bombardier bought ‘impressive young recruits’ alcohol
  • The 36-year-old instructor also handed out his phone number to female trainee
  • Larkhill Royal School of Artillery, near Salisbury was the scene of several incidents 
  • Court Martial brought him 13 charges related to 5 female recruits.
  • Nine charges were remanded for contravention of standing orders and prejudicial behavior

An instructor in the British Army who gave female soldiers special privileges and said he would buy her take-out if she allowed him to squeeze her bottom was fired.

Father-of-two married Bombardier Elan Joseph purchased ‘impressionable young recruits’ bottles of vodka, and Southern Comfort.

The message he sent to the recruit was from a traveller’s background and stated: “If you grab me by your hair that will turn you into mine” – this is an allusion to a courtship ritual used by traveller groups.

This 36-year-old had served over 13 years in the military and was sentenced to telling another man to ‘get up, walk’ so he could view her arse, while she was dressed in pyjamas.

Another thing he did was to give his mobile number out to female trainees, and then he collected take-out for them. A court martial was also held.

In 13 cases relating to young female recruits, Bdr Joseph was an instructor at Larkhill Royal School of Artillery, near Salisbury. 

He pleaded guilty nine times to charges including prejudicial conduct, standing orders violations and contravening.

Bdr Joseph, an instructor at the Larkhill Royal School of Artillery (pictured) near Salisbury, Wilts, was accused of 13 charges relating to five young female recruits. He pleaded guilty to nine charges of contravening standing orders and prejudicial conduct

Indicted on 13 counts were five charges against Bdr Joseph (pictured), an instructor at Larkhill Royal School of Artillery near Salisbury in Wilts. Nine charges related to five young female recruits were alleged against Joseph, who pleaded guilty.

One charge of sexual assault was dropped by the court martial. Another charged of touching and entering into the bedroom of a female soldier and touching her while she slept.

However, he was found guilty of another charge of agreeing that the trainee would meet her boyfriend after a bed check in return for an ‘favour’. He also told another person to ‘get up to walk’ to be able to look at her arse while she was dressed in pyjamas. 

Bdr Joseph was originally from Saint Vincent Island, Caribbean.

Bulford Military Court in Wilts. Judge Alistair McGrigor stated that he had “crossed the line” with young recruits.

The Army’s primary training institution for artillery warfare is the Larkhill Royal School of Artillery. This was where Joseph studied. 

Judge McGrigor said that Initial Training starts recruits on their Army career. Therefore, it is important it stays balanced and neutral.

“You understood that you needed to maintain a balance between caring for the recruits as well as building personal relationships with them.

“In this instance, the recruits were both young and female. Young recruits can be impressionable. Your behavior had sexual connotations.

We understand that you and your family are at high risk for deportation if the sentence is passed. [to St Vincent]However, your behavior was so bad that you were unable to remain with the service. You must be fired.

Rupert Gregory, the Prosecutor of Joseph said at sentencing that “the matters Bdr Joseph has been convicted for are quite self-explanatory.”

“Giving his phone number” [to young recruits]• Collecting takeout food and offering squeeze [a trainee’s]Arse instead of payment

“Buying bottles of [Southern Comfort and vodka]Taken [one recruit]When she wasn’t allowed, she left camp.

He also texted a message to an apprentice of traveller history, saying that “If I grab your hair that will make it mine”, [alluding to]A custom of traveller heritage.

Tom Wilkins, the defense, had said that Bdr Joseph from The 19th Regiment Royal Artillery (also known as The Scottish Gunners) should be permitted “soldiering on”.

Wilkins noted that Wilkins had been an outstanding servicer up to now.

“He’s a proud father of two and would like to serve in the Royal Artillery. But his heart lies in the Army.

The service of ‘Bdr Joseph is still valuable and could even be managed, so that he doesn’t have to train young soldiers. His service should continue.