Eric Zemmour, a far-right French flamebrand married to his personal assistant of 28 years is expecting a child.

  • Eric Zemmour (63) sued Closer magazine for blocking the story
  • The application was rejected and the mag cover stated: “Zemmour will be a dad”
  • Zemmour is having an affair with Sarah Knafo (aide), 28
  • French presidential hopeful is married and they have three grown-up children

He is expecting a baby with 35-year-old personal assistant.

Closer published details about Eric Zemmour’s secret affair with Sarah Knafo (28), and Closer took legal action.

The privacy request was rejected by the court. On Friday, the magazine published the headline: “Eric Zemmour will be a dad in 2022”.

Zemmour has been convicted of spreading racial hate and is now aiming to face Emmanuel Macron in the race for the presidency.

Eric Zemmour, 63, took legal action to try and prevent Closer from publishing details of his secret affair with Sarah Knafo, 28. But the privacy application was thrown out of court and on Friday the magazine ran with the headline: 'Eric Zemmour is going to be a daddy in 2022'

Closer was unable to publish details of Eric Zemmour’s affair with Sarah Knafo (28) and he took legal action. The privacy request was rejected by the court. On Friday, Closer ran the headline: “Eric Zemmour will be a dad in 2022”

While Mr Zemmour, Ms Knafo complained of a ‘privat invasion’, Paris judges disagreed.

They are very well-known and were photographed together in a intimate relationship as they went swimming in the ocean.

Closer published a photograph of Mr Zemmour in an October issue. It also featured Mylene Chichportich (his wife), who he had married in 1982.

Three grown children were born to the couple. Journalists questioned whether there was any public interest in learning more about Mr. Knafo’s relationship with her.

Lawyers for Mr Zemmour cited European Human Rights legislation in an attempt to get the Closer Edition and its online coverage banned.

According to them, claims concerning the pregnancy do not “contribute in any way” to any general interest debate.

Zemmour, who called child migrants ‘thieves rapists and killers’, was brought to trial earlier in the month.

In the New Year, we expect a verdict on the case of ‘complicity to provoke racial hate and racial insult’.

Zemmour was a journalist and television pundit who has been convicted on two similar charges. However, Zemmour is still ranked high in opinion polls.

French far-right media pundit Eric Zemmour (L) and his advisor Sarah Knafo pose during a photo session in Paris on April 22, 2021

Eric Zemmour (L), a French far-right media analyst, and Sarah Knafo, his adviser, pose in Paris during a photo shoot on April 22, 2021

They suggest that he will go head-to-head with Mr Macron if – as he has indicated – he stands for the French presidency in April 2022.

Zemmour is known for his hatred of Muslims and blacks, as well as anyone from an immigrant family.

Zemmour has also been accused of virulent anti-Semitism after denying – against all the historical evidence – that the French collaborated with the Nazis during the wartime Holocaust.

According to polls, he will win the April presidential election and be beaten in round two by Macron.