An accused married man sexually assaulted his sleeping wife after leaving home for a friend’s wedding.

Ben Benson, 34, of Haslemere, Surrey, went to a nightclub after attending the wedding and then stayed overnight at a flat in north London, on December 15, 2018, where the alleged assault took place.

Benson shared a bed with the woman. He told her friend that he worried that her vomit might cause her to choke.

But Benson allegedly sexually assaulted the woman while she was sleeping in the bed beside him. He denied sexual assault and penetration.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Benson’s spouse had left home to attend the wedding by herself because they were having trouble sleeping. 

Jurors were told by the complainant that he just remembered lying down on the bed, and he smilingly said goodbye. He has never been there.

It’s like taking snapshots of the scene, night, street, toilet and bed.

Ben Benson, 34, of Haslemere, went to a nightclub after attending a wedding and returned to a flat in north London, on December 15, 2018, Snaresbrook Crown Court (pictured) heard

Ben Benson (34), of Haslemere went to a club after attending a marriage and then returned to his flat in north London on December 15, 2018. Snaresbrook Crown court (pictured) was informed. 

She claimed that her dream was a sexual one and she felt aroused.

Ruth Becker (defendant of Benson) asked Ruth if it was possible that she was still awake and he was touching.

She said, “No. I was awakened from sleep.” Because I was so drunk and sick, I couldn’t imagine getting up if I wasn’t being touched.

“It had already begun when I woke awake. Because I was so sick, I don’t think I could have consented.

An additional witness could not be identified, but she said that she’d been at a West End bar with Benson and several others who also went to the wedding. 

The court heard her tell the story: “I met Ben when I arrived, and evidently I knew Ben was married.”

“He stated that the children weren’t getting enough sleep and she agreed. [his wife]It didn’t happen.

“The club shut down at 2am. People were leaving in different dribs, drabs.

“At the close of the night [the complainant]She took a fall, and fell to the ground. After being picked up, she was placed on the couch. 

“She was so upset that she began to vomit herself, and it was then that her head fell. It was clear that she was very upset.

The witness said she decided to take the complainant back to her flat, while Benson also returned to the flat after asking if he could stay there overnight.

According to her, the complainant felt “very strange” and could not feel her legs. So she took her to her spare bedroom and put her to sleep.

Continued she: “I helped her get into bed so that she could go to sleep immediately.”

He [Benson]He asked me if I would let him stay, to which I replied “yes of course”. I then said that I’d make him a bed on the sofa.

He said, “no” and he’d just lie in bed. [the complainant]It is also known as a double bed.

“I clearly said this.” [the complainant]I thought she had fallen asleep. She wasn’t capable of confirming that. [Benson]He suggested she was afraid of her vomit in her sleep. 

“So I took it that he was the one with best intentions.”

According to the witness, she spoke with the complainant about the incident later. He described himself as “very handsy” and said he’d ‘put his fingers in her face’.

She continued: ‘She [the complainant]He had put his hands inside of her. He was extremely handsy, she said.

“She claimed that she wasn’t certain that the event was occurring at all because she hadn’t seen it happen during the night.

“But she didn’t feel she could stop because she felt like she couldn’t move her legs.”

Benson denied sexual assault and penetration.

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