Two cops are brutally macheted by a masked man.

  • A terrifying clip of a balaclava-clad knifeman attacking officers in Croydon 
  • The attack took place during broad daylight, and it was captured by stunned eyewitnesses
  • Met Police reports that a 23-year-old man was detained after two officers sustained injuries in an altercation. 

The terrifying video captures the moment that a knifeman in balaclava uses his footlong blade to attack police officers trying to arrest him. 

Two officers were unable to Taser the machete-wielding man, who was seen in Croydon (south London) during a shocking machete attack.

The knifeman appears poised to make a daring escape. However, a second officer seems to have used incapacitant spray on the attacker to stop him. 

As one person rushes to assist, the thug circles again before finally falling on his motorcycle.

According to the Metropolitan Police, a 23-year-old man was taken into custody and charged by police following an incident at Cherry Tree Green. 

The shocking machete attack, which took place in broad daylight in Croydon, south London, shows the masked man hacking away at two cops who first fail to Taser him

This shocking machete attack took place in Croydon in south London. It shows the man in mask hacking at two officers who failed to apply Taser.

Robert Ball (31), a roofer, shot the video in Croydon south London at 10 o’clock on December 30th.

The short clip shows the knifeman striking out at one officer, while he desperately holds onto his legs.

After failing to Taser his accomplice, the officer swings at the 50,000v device like a fly, before he continues to hurl more punches. 

The officer then appears to be circling around and pulling out large, black objects. This prompts the second officer to spray him while he is talking on his radio.   

In the short clip, the knifeman is shown hitting out at one cop, who desperately tries to grab hold of his legs

This clip features the knifeman attacking one police officer who desperately tries his best to grab him by the legs.

The officer gets back to his feet, but faces further blows from the balaclava-clad knifeman (right)

He gets up and stands again, but he is still being attacked by the knifeman in balaclava (right).

The officer tries, and fails, to Taser the perpetrator, who swings away at the 50,000v device as if it is little more than a fly before raining down more blows on the cop

Officer tries unsuccessfully to Taser perpetrator. He swings away from the 50,000v device, as though it were a small fly. The cop then rains down even more insults.

Met confirms that 2 officers were hurt, with 1 suffering from a concussion, and the other a suspected fracture.

Eyewitness Mr Ball stated that he was shocked to discover it was a knife. He tried to remove it.

“The blade should have been twice as long as your forearm. I thought, “What the heck!” I am a resident of the region. It does not feel secure.

Scotland Yard stated Wednesday that detectives now need witnesses in the Cherry Tree Green case.

The thug then circles around before eventually falling over yards from a motorcycle lying on the ground - as one member of the public rushes over to help

After circling around, the thug finally falls over a bike lying on its side. One member of the general public rushes in to help.

It looks as though the knifeman will pull off a dramatic escape, but his plans are foiled by a second officer who appears to use incapacitant spray to stun the attacker

Although it looks like the knifeman is going to pull off an impressive escape, the second officer appears to be using incapacitant to shock the attacker.

MailOnline received a statement from the force stating that officers from Met’s South Area Command Safer Transport Team pulled over a motorcyclist at Cherry Tree Green in Croydon.

“The 23-year-old man became violent during the stop. After Taser deployment, the man was arrested.

A knife was discovered on the spot.

The concussion of one officer was fatal, while the suspected fracture in another officer is being investigated.

In connection to the incident, a man aged 23 has been taken into custody.

‘Anyone who either witnessed or has footage of the incident should email, call police on 101 or tweet @MetCC quoting 1096/30DEC.’