An ex-high school hockey player in Massachusetts spoke out to expose how they and others were subject to racist, violent, and sexual hazing rituals.

Danvers High School’s hockey player claimed that upperclassmen would abuse young players in their locker rooms by beating them or touching them.

According to the teenager, players were made to strip off and turn on the locker room lights to touch each other’s genitals to make fun of gay people.

The player said that he was extremely scared and uncomfortable. He wanted to get out of there quickly. 

Also, he claimed that players refusing to use the n-word would be physically beat with a sextoy.  

“I wouldn’t say it, and I would be held down and beat by several of my friends.” He said that he would then make a mockery of me, walk around in shame and be beaten for the remainder of the evening, while skating with the shape of a penis around my face.  

The police in Danvers were not able to bring charges despite the abuse allegations.

Danvers High School’s student-athlete spoke out to describe how his team was subject to racial, violent and homophobic rituals of hazing.

The teen claims on Tuesdays the players were forced to participate in a ritual called 'Gay Tuesday' were the alleged abusers would make team members strip and then turn off the locker room lights and touch their teammates' genitals in an effort to mock gay people

Teen claims that on Tuesdays, the players were made to wear ‘Gay Tuesday’ and were then forced to perform a ritual where they would strip team members and turn off locker room lights. They also allegedly touched their teammates’ genitals as a way to mock homosexual people.

“The Danvers Police Department couldn’t pursue charges as the alleged victim didn’t want to,” Carrie Kimball (spokesman for District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett) stated in a statement sent to The Eagle-Tribune. 

We agreed with Danvers Police Department’s conclusion that it was impossible to prosecute without the involvement of the victim.

Blodgett’s Office has not yet investigated these allegations, and it does not plan to. 

However, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura HEADY’s office stated Friday that they are looking for additional details about the claims.

Racism, homophobia and bigotry have no place on our playing fields, locker rooms and rinks. Healey shared his thoughts on Facebook last week that sports is about bullying and hoaxing.

Despite the allegations of abuse, Danvers police were unable to pursue charges because the teen refused to file a criminal complaint. However, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey says her office is seeking additional information about the allegations

The allegations of abuse were made, but Danvers police couldn’t pursue criminal charges against the teenager. She refused to submit a criminal case. But, Massachusetts Attorney General MauraHealey said her office would like to know more about the accusations

Head hockey coach and former school resource officer Steve Baldassare (pictured in 2015) was placed on leave in January 2021 and reinstated in February before ultimately resigning in July. He and his coaching staff have denied any knowledge of the allegations

Steve Baldassare is the former head coach of hockey and school resource officers. Baldassare was taken off in January 2021, and then reinstated by February. Baldassare resigned in July. His coaching staff and he denied knowing about the allegation.

Community members claim that Danvers officials have turned a blinder to the allegations of abuse.

Teen whistleblower claimed that school coaches were aware of locker room hazing and pointed out an incident where the assistant coach was allegedly seen entering on a “Gay Tuesday” ritual. 

He turned on the lights. Seen everyone naked. He saw everyone naked. “He turns the lights off, then he walks out, and closes the doors,” the player said to ABC 5.

Three separate investigations were launched into the allegations by three different investigators: a police officer, school officials and a private investigator. 

Head hockey coach and former school resource officer Steve Baldassare was placed on leave in January 2021 and reinstated in February before ultimately resigning in July. The allegations were denied by him and his coaches. 

The unredacted report of the police that was obtained by the news source shows that authorities did not find any evidence of criminal misconduct during their investigation. 

The investigation concluded that there was bullying culture and misconduct within the team. However, detailed reports on the misconduct were not made public. 

In response to the investigation by officials, the school superintendent stated that he had been fired. “Addressed personnel, student discipline” and “implemented training.” 

The teen also claimed that players who refused to say the N-word were physically beaten with a sex toy

According to the teen, players refusing to use the N-word were beaten by a sextoy.

Others argue, however that the steps weren’t severe enough. 

The player stated, “It is really amazing that they believed that it was best to try to hide it up and then it will go away.” It won’t disappear. 

Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian, who has represented several alleged Catholic church abuse victims, has called the incident an ‘institutional coverup’.

He told The Salem News that the facts raised questions about the supervision of repeated acts and the hiring practices of Danvers. 

“The investigation of Danvers must be done by an independent agency. It was not someone they had hired. 

Danvers officials were also blamed by the whistleblower.

According to the teenager whistleblower who spoke anonymously, he believed that the student-athletes are victims. And he feels the adult ‘who has been given power and is paid to supervise this kind of thing should also be accountable.

“I feel that the people responsible for my actions aren’t accountable.” It’s not the children. He explained that adults have the power and are those who get paid to oversee this kind of thing.

“Their entire job is to ensure that these children act in a certain manner, and they did a terrible job. 

He also feels that his fellow teammates are being victimized in this scenario.

He stated, “Remember they’re 18-year olds, and the boys they’re usually after are fourteen.” “These 18-year-old athletes have been working out in the gym for four years, so they will just beat the 14-years-olds.” I felt worse for these kids than I felt for myself.

People would say, “Why do we do this?” a lot of time. Then, other people might say, “I don’t know,” and they’d continue to do it.