Three aisles of fireworks! Fireworks in aisle three!

  • A Russian shop was transformed into a battlefield by the igniting of fireworks
  • About 500 people were at the Tomsk Lenta supermarket at that time
  • But one man continued to shop calmly, determined not only to get his daily chores done but also for himself. 

It was the moment fireworks burst in a grocery store crammed with 500 shoppers. However, one person continued to shop unaffected. 

Sparks flew around the Lenta store in the southern Russian city of Tomsk, causing panic.

As rockets streaked across the aisles, shoppers abandoned their carts and fled for safety.

One man, however, was determined to complete his shopping and marched toward the chaos with a bag and one hand. 

An array of fireworks went off in a Lenta supermarket in the southern Russian city of Tomsk

In the Russian southern city of Tomsk, fireworks were emitted from a Lenta Supermarket.

Yet one man calmly continued shopping, determined to finish his daily chores, seemingly unconcerned by the chaos

One man, however, continued to shop calmly, seemingly not bothered by all the chaos.

He strode into the mayhem as fireworks continued to explode with one arm around his shopping while holding a shopping bag in his other hand

As fireworks continued to explode, he strode in the chaos while holding his shopping bag in one hand and his shopping bag with the other.

There was fire and smoke that filled up the Lenta supermarket that had around 500 shoppers inside

The Lenta Supermarket, which had approximately 500 customers inside, was filled with smoke and fire.

Heroic shoppers grabbed fire extinguishers to try put out the fire caused by the fireworks

To put out the flames caused by fireworks, heroic shoppers grabbed fire extinguishers

Although fireworks were available for sale in celebration of the New Year, the reasons they were lit was unclear.

The heroes rushed to get fire extinguishers in order to quell the flames.

According to one witness, the staff behaved as stupid sheeps and couldn’t figure out what to do. But shoppers raced to extinguish the flames.

It is alarming to note that this is only the second incident in which fireworks were lit in Lenta shops in the City in just three days.

Thick smoke rose high into the sky as the inferno ripped through the building yesterday

As the fire ripped through yesterday’s building, thick smoke rose into the heavens.

Pictured: The devastation left behind at the store by the blaze. 'Hundreds of thousands' of pounds worth of goods have reportedly been destroyed

Photo: Devastation caused by the fire at the shop. According to reports, goods worth hundreds of thousands of pounds were destroyed

An aerial image shows the scale of the devastation caused by the blaze at the superstore

This aerial photo shows how devastating the superstore fire caused.

An arson attack almost completely destroyed another store.

According to police, after his boss complained about a price-tag mixup, the shop worker burned down the store.

Alexander Schnaider (33), was reported to have been changing the price tag on products at the Tomsk superstore in Russia when his manager reprimanded him.

Fed up with being complained at over his work, Schnaider allegedly doused a box of fireworks in alcohol and ignited it before leaving the store.

Life Shot reported, citing a source from the police: “His job was price label change, but he continually confused prices and placed the wrong ones at the wrong places.”

Alexander Schnaider, 33, (pictured) has been accused of burning down the superstore he worked at in Russia following a disagreement with his boss

It is alleged he set a box of fireworks on fire

Alexander Schnaider (33), was accused of setting fire to the Russian superstore after a dispute with his boss

Pictured: The circled man is alleged to be Schnaider as he walked away from the fireworks, having just set them on fire

Pictured: Schnaider is said to have walked out of the fireworks after setting them ablaze.

“The manager frequently criticised him and required him to redo it. He became angry with her and quit complaining.

Following the incident on Tuesday, police arrested Schnaider and he has been charged with arson motivated by ‘personal enmity’ against the management, local media reports.

The suspect reportedly confessed to police: ‘There was white spirit on the counter…

‘I started spraying it….Then, I set it ablaze.

‘As soon as it went up, I saw a guard run up to try and extinguish it…

“There was panic.

“I simply turned around and put on my coat before I went to go home.

Today’s fire resulted in no injuries and was quickly put out.