Keep away from the cliffs Watch as a massive rock falls onto Devon Beach. A new warning has been issued.

  • Yesterday, soft rock fell off the cliffs of Budleigh Salterton in Devon.
  • A warning was issued to avoid the dangerous cliffs following the huge rockfall.
  • As the Met Office issues a severe warning for the area, this announcement comes at a time when it is also being made  

After a large rock fell at scenic coastal spot, a warning was given to avoid cliffs. 

Footage from Budleigh Salterton, Devon yesterday around 2pm shows rocks sliding down a cliff, leaving clouds of dust in their wake.

Shortly after Storm Barra made its way through British Isles, The Met Office gave a dire warning.

According to East Devon District Council, landslides can occur at any time because the rock that forms the cliffs is soft. However, heavy rainfall could trigger them. 

He said, “We are aware that a significant rock fall occurred in Budleigh Salterton. It covered the entire beach area near Jubilee Park.

“We have already examined the top of that cliff, and when the storm is over we will send engineers to examine the area more closely.

The rock fall leaves an orange cloud of dust in its wake in footage captured at Budleigh Salterton, Devon yesterday

The rock fall leaves an orange cloud of dust in its wake in footage captured at Budleigh Salterton, Devon yesterday

Landslides and falls can happen along the cliffs at any time as the rock which forms them is soft but rainfall can be a trigger

There are many ways to cause landslides or falls along the cliffs. The rock that formed them can become soft, but rain can trigger it.

There is an increased risk of more rock falls because there have been large cracks.

“We want to remind residents to stay away from the cliffs.

The risk of falling from cliffs is clearly indicated in the area. Members of the public should follow these warnings. 

The fall leaves very large cracks in the cliff, meaning there is a further risk

Fall leaves cracks in the rock, which can increase your risk. 

Huge waves crash into the seafront at Dawlish in Devon this morning as a train makes its way along the coastal railway

A train making its way along the coastal railway in Devon has caused huge waves to crash on the Dawlish beachfront this morning.

We recommend people view East Devon’s Cliffs from the distance. Do not attempt to climb on or lie directly below them.

“Please be aware of warning signs.

Storm Barra hammers through the UK. This morning, huge waves crashed into Dawlish beachfront (also in Devon) as Storm Barra rages.

Yesterday, the storm surged into British Isles by the Atlantic and brought 80mph winds, eight inches of fresh snow, a tornado warning, and the fear of power outages.