Sky Mobile goes down: The network crashed across the UK leaving customers unable make and receive calls

Sky Mobile suffered an outage today. Thousands of Sky Mobile customers complained of not being able to make and receive calls.

Down Detector monitors these issues and reports that there were more than 1,000 reported problems.

Sky’s Help Team reported the first issues at 11:15 GMT. They confirmed that they were investigating the issue and apologized for the disruption.

Sky Mobile has suffered an outage with thousands of customers complaining of being unable to make or receive phone calls

Sky Mobile customers are complaining about being unable make and receive phone calls due to an outage.

Twitter: “We are aware that Sky Mobile customers could experience problems with voice and data. This includes receiving and making calls.

“We hope that this can be resolved quickly.”

Twitter was used by customers to voice their dismay at the disruption.

One user wrote, “Clearly there is a national outage of skymobile for about 30 minutes now. No update.” Terrible service.

Another tweet: “Is there an issue in Sky Mobile?” My phone cannot connect with the network. 

Many people across the country complained about experiencing issues, including hot spots in large cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Down Detector receives network status updates via various sources, including social media and reports that have been submitted to it. 

According to Down Detector, a website that monitors such issues, there have been more than 1,000 reports of problems (pictured)

Down Detector (pictured), a site that tracks such issues reports more than 1000 problems.

Hot spots for the issues emerged in big cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester

London, Birmingham and Manchester emerged as hotspots for these issues.

Customers took to Twitter to complain about the outage and Sky confirmed there was an issue

Sky also confirmed that the issue was present. Customers complained via Twitter about the disruption.